Problems installing iTunes on Windows 10? Here’s a good fix!


  1. I have iTunes installed and it’s working fine with Windows 10. Windows 10 was an upgrade from Windows 8.1 Update and iTunes was an upgrade from whatever previous version I had installed. I’m not sure why this article is recommending an old version of iTunes. I’d recommend going to the Apple website and downloading the latest version.

  2. Windows 10 & iTunes was working fine until the latest update came thru from iTunes. I updated iTunes now it will not recognize my iPod. I get a message that tells me to unplug and try again if that does not work to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. I really don’t want to do that! Any other options?

  3. I run Windows 10 on a Surface Pro3. iTunes stopped talking to my phone, not even recognising that it was connected to the computer. So I tried to uninstall iTunes and that failed as my system told me I don’t have access to “iTunes6464.msi” and that it’s in an unavailable location. But it seems that iTunes was uninstalled, so now I have no iTunes and the useless Windows phone manager – which does not let me upload files to my phone. I then tried to reinstall iTunes, using a fresh 64bit download file from the iTunes store. No dice, same error. When I start my computer it checks and tells me there is a newer version of iTunes available, but if I download and try to install I get the above message again – talk about running around in circles. With my limited knowledge and lack of desire (and time) to become my own helpdesk I am now stuck. Any ideas what I have to do to get a functioning iTunes again?

  4. I had a Windows 7 desktop that crapped out so I bought a new model with Windows 10 64-bit, since I’ve got a few laptops upgraded and liked the new OS. None of these itunes install files are working. It always says the app can’t run on this computer. I’ve looked up how to disable smart screen but the menus on my computer are different :-/
    Are there other firewalls or antivirus things that could be blocking this? I’m not dumb with computers but this is making me feel pretty dumb

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