PowerPoint BroadCast SlideShow feature lets you give presentations over the internet

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are the most preferred options when it comes to giving presentations to an  audience. We usually give presentations in closed rooms, etc, but Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 allows you to give presentations over the internet too!

To learn how to do it, click on Animations ribbon then click on  Broadcast Slide Show.

A dialog box will pop out. Select on Start Broadcast.

Here you may be asked for your Windows Live account or your passport account details. Enter the credentials so that you can connect with the service. You will see a windows as shown in below:

When you are connected with the service, the Broadcast will be prepared. The time taken to prepare your broadcast service will depend upon the size of the presentation. So where possible, draw diagrams to show things graphically instead of using pictures of high resolution.

Once done, you will see a window which gives you an unique url of your presentation. You can copy it and paste it on social networks or you can directly mail it your viewers.

When you are ready, just click on Start Slide Show.

During presentation you might feel that your presentation is not in Sync with your audience which is due to varying internet speeds.To avoid that see the resolution.

Choose the resolution size from the drop down list and you will be up and kicking! When you are done with the presentation, click on End Broadcast.

That’s it!

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Harsh Mahajan is a Microsoft Student Partner. A technology enthusiast at heart, he has a tremendous passion for emerging technologies & trends like Cloud Computing & Windows Azure. He is associated with the International .Net Association as Brains Unleashed leader.