Show or remove the Power button on Windows 8.1 Start Screen


  1. Strange…. I have 8.1 pro in a VM no power button, and have 8.1 ent in a VM (same platform) and it shows the power button. This reg edit also didn’t work for me!

  2. Unfortunately, your program did not work for me. I tried the Regedit too and this failed also. I would like to get the power options button back and i did used to have it, but it was removed when i did a system refresh. Do you know any other method towards attaining the power button again?

  3. I can confirm working for Surface Pro 3. Followed instructions above, rebooted, power button now appears. Thank you for this

  4. Same here .
    Did a system refresh and the button is gone .
    No matter what I do in the registry or the tweaks I tried it is gone 🙁

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