Play MS DOS games online at these top 5 sites

Ever felt like getting back to the era when we used to play games on our computer system? Back in the eighties and nineties when there were no PlayStations and gaming consoles around, only entertainment on the PCs were the MS-DOS games. Once served as the main operating system of IBM PC, MS-DOS was gradually outmoded by the advanced Microsoft Windows operating system. Though this text-based OS was never a promising platform for gaming, thousands of games were released in that era. There is something magical about these games as they take us on a nostalgic tour of our childhood.

Play MS DOS games online

As soon as we talk about the MS-DOS games, hundreds of old games with nostalgic sound effects come into our minds. Some of the most popular games then were Tetris, Point Basketball, Doom, Day of the Tentacle, Blood and much more. Thankfully, there are a few websites which let you play your favorite old games and get a ride down the memory lane. In this post, we will talk about the 5 best websites where you can enjoy your favorite MS-DOS games.

1. Software Library: MS-DOS Games

Play MS DOS games online

The wide collection of MS-DOS games in this website are categorized on the basis of Title, Views, Date Archived and Creator. The interface is very simple and the main overview says it all. You can just check the ratings, views, and comments on every game before downloading it on your PC. Each game also shows the name of the publisher so as to help you decide the correct game. Also, when you click on a particular game to download, the website shows you the complete details like genre, theme, and description about the game, publisher and the supporting platforms. Check the website here.

2. ClassicReload

This website again has a wide range of old MS-DOS games and helps you play and enjoy your favorite childhood games online on your modern computer systems. A huge list of more than 5000 games is showcased genre vice here. Just select your preferred genre and start playing it online. Each game comes with proper detailed instructions about how to play the game so if you can’t really recall the way to play the game, no need to worry ClassicReload will help you out. Check out the website here.

3. DOS Games

This website offers a wide array of MS-DOS games. They have more than 600 games well-categorized genre-vice so as to help you select your favorite game. You can select a game and download it for free from this website. You can also check the users’ ratings before downloading any game and also see the screenshot to check if it is the same game you are looking for or to understand how to play the game. There is also a tab of ‘Newest Additions’ which takes you to the list of latest games added to the list. Click on the ‘All Games List’ tab to check the entire list alphabetically. Check the website here.


This is another good website to relive your childhood gaming days. The games here are arranged both genre vice and alphabetically, plus the home page of this website shows the latest games added to the list. A simple interface helps you selecting your favorite genre and the game easily. Open your preferred genre, check the ratings of the games and start playing. When you open a game, the right panel shows you the controls of the game and on the bottom ribbon, you can rate the game if you want. If your OS is not supporting any game, you will get to see a message on the bottom right corner saying, “Unfortunately, this game is cur­rent­ly available only in this ver­si­on. Be patient :-)”. You can visit the website here.


With a very colorful interface, the homepage of this website will straightaway take you to your childhood memories. You can play your favorite MS-DOS games online here, save your favorite games, make friends, chat with them and share your games too. You need a browser with Adobe Flash Player to play these games online. Like other such websites, Gamezhero also shows the ratings of a game along with the other important details. Just sign up here and start enjoying the games.

So, this was a list of 5 websites where you play the old MS-DOS games and relive your childhood. The jet-age kids with the latest gaming gadgets and gaming consoles won’t really understand the charm of these MS-DOS games but if you are the eighties or nineties kid, you would love playing these games for sure.

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