How to play MP4 files on Windows 10


  1. I am shocked Windows 10 does not play mp4 videos.
    I never noticed since I use Daum PotPlayer which
    I have found to be the best video player.

    It plays pretty much everything out of the box
    and can download specific codecs for that
    obscure file that does not play so there
    is no need for codec packs either.

    For years I did used the paid Zoom Player
    together with the K-Lite Codec Pack and the
    free PotPlayer offers far superior performance.

    I have not tried 5KPlayer and I will check that out.
    It seems quite similar to PotPlayer after a quick look.

  2. I use a combination of VLC, MPC-HC.. with rare use of PowerDVD… I am interested with 5KPlayer, looks interesting!

  3. No suprise Windows 10 doesn’t support mp4 by default. I use Music Bee & AIMP for music. For video playback, I stick to MPC-BE, in combination with LAVFilters and MadVR. A great combination!

  4. Actually it can play MP4 with windows media player. I do it all the time. I download files and convert them to MP4, then play them . But it cant play dvd’s.

    You need something else for dvds not MP4.

  5. Anyone tried Brorsoft Player? It’a all-in-one 4K video, Blu-ray and DVD player for computer.

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