How to plan your Trip on a Microsoft Surface Device

Most demanding travelers are often on the move so, it’s imperative for them to plan their trips selecting a destination, planning your itinerary, and booking flights and accommodations can be done at your finger-tips and within few clicks. So, whether your trip is for official purposes or plainly for pleasure, your Windows 10-powered Surface can make the planning process collaborative.

Plan your Trip on Microsoft Surface

The first roadblock in planning your trip is deciding the place to go or so called your destination. Microsoft’s built-in browser Edge on Windows 10 can act as your gateway to the world.  The browser is capable of offering information about all the possible destinations and share the findings with family, friends, or business associates for their approval.

Let’s select Rome as our travel destination. after typing in “Rome travel” into Edge, I pulled up Rome, Italy as my preferred destination on the TripAdvisor website.

Plan Your Trip on Microsoft Surface

Now, highlight the word “Rome” on the page, right-click it, and “Ask Cortana” will appear as a menu option. Tap it and Cortana will collect photos, maps, points of interest, weather and other related information about the city for you.

travel notifications

During the search, you can find 2 days or 3 days itinerary. Now, if you would like to add notes, highlight and share this with friends, go into Web Note mode by tapping on the pen-and-paper icon visible in the upper right-corner of your device screen.


As you can see in the screenshot above, the itinerary preferred by us is highlighted with the Surface Pen. You can also add notes directly to the web page and then save your marked-up page to OneDrive by tapping the Save icon or share it with fellow travelers by clicking the Share icon.

There are also travel apps designed particularly for Windows 10 such as the free TripAdvisor. Plus-point of this app is it allows you to read dozens of reviews to help you make an informed decision.

You can even set up Cortana. For this, simply tap on Cortana and go to Notebook in the menu on the left-hand side (the icon third from the top).

Next, scroll down the Notebook menu and chose “Travel.”

travel notifications

Now, make sure that the following descriptions are set to ‘On’

  1. Travel cards & notifications
  2. Flights
  3. Trip Plan

Most importantly, if you are heading to a country where you don’t speak the native language, it is advisable to install the free Translator app on your Surface so, once at your destination, just point your Surface camera at signs or any printed text and have it instantly translated to your default language.

This service is available for 16 languages.

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