Pixel Repair: A stuck pixel fixer to detect and fix stuck pixels

Stuck or dead pixels on your computer screen? They are very common with the flat LCD displays. Well, Pixel Repair is a freeware dead stuck pixel fixer that can help you test, detect and fix stuck and dead  pixels of your Windows computer screen. It won’t bring completely dead black pixels back to life, but it should work if they’re just stuck on a particular color. The program does not guarantees 100% efficiency, it may also not work sometimes and remember you cannot fix the dead pixels instead you can fix only the pixels which are stuck to a particular color.

A stuck pixel is stuck on any particular color. It can be repaired. They continue to receive power. A dead pixel is simply dead, and is mostly black in color. The do not receive power. It is difficult to fix dead pixels.

Stuck pixel fixer

Pixel Repair stuck pixel fixer

To start with, the program lets you detect the stuck pixels by a manual screen test, you can click any color from the Dead Pixel Locater and the color will be displayed on the entire screen and then you will have to manually look for any dead or stuck pixels, you can change background colors by using the arrow keys from your keyboard and once you are done with locating those dead pixels you can press escape to return back to Pixel Repair. If you aren’t able to find the dead pixels, you must look into the examples below the Dead Pixel Locater.

To repair the stuck pixels, run All-Devices.exe from the downloaded files and then run the video file most suitable to your device.

The free software includes repair files for not just Windows Computers but also for other mobile devices such as Nokia, Blackberry, Android and etc.

Next comes the Color Mode, under this mode you can flash different colors on computer display and look for any errors, you can choose from different set of colors and you can even choose the speed of the flashing colors. To view the full screen Flash you need to press F11 and to return back to Pixel Repair you’ll need to press F11 again.

WARNING: Do not stare at the flashy screen if you suffer from seizures or have a family history of epilepsy.

The software is simple though useful. It can help you out in detecting the problems with your computer screen and accordingly fix them. The software is licensed under No Nonsense Licence V3.1 which sounds really very interesting, being tied to this license you can freely distribute the software with other software or you can freely use it for personal or commercial purpose. It is very similar to open source license but the only difference is that this license doesn’t give access of source code to any of its user.

The UI is pretty, easiest to operate and the software itself requires no complicated configurations, it is just a plug and play software available in portable version. It does its task very well and performs amazing.

Pixel Repair free download

Click here to download Pixel Repair.

Some of you might want to have a look at the Dead Pixel Finder Windows 8 Store App and Pixel Doctor or IsMyLcdOK to fix dead pixels on an LCD screen.

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