Top 5 Pinball game apps for Windows 10 PC

Pinball games have been one of the oldest genres in the gaming market. Perhaps the only reason the game still retains its priority is that it never had adequate competition. We play Pinball when we are bored and need something to kill time – not as a serious game. While the classic Pinball was a rage, the newer versions are an enhancement.

3D Pinball was one of the most popular games on any Windows XP machine. However, Microsoft decided to drop it from recent Windows versions. There is, however, a hack that allows you to get the classic 3D Pinball game on your Windows 10/8/7 PC. But if you are looking for Windows apps, then this post is for you.

Pinball game apps for Windows 10

Let us take a look at the top 5 Pinball game apps for Windows 10 available in the Microsoft Store.

Pinball Star

Pinball game apps for Windows 10 PC

We could well remember those good old days when Pinball was an in-build game on every Windows PC. That option was removed for the later versions because of which annoyed most Pinball lovers. Pinball Star is precisely the same game, with the difference that it’s downloadable from the Microsoft store instead of being a default app. Interestingly, despite the many versions of Pinball, Pinball Star remains the most downloaded one. Perhaps, it might never find a similar competition.

Cool Pinball Game

The Cool Pinball Game is a variant of the original Pinball, though pretty different with the gameplay while keeping the basics similar. Instead of shooting the small ball from the bottom, the ball is dropped from the top with bubble-type restraints obstructing its path. The user can control the lower shutters and they have to keep the ball from falling. Other than that, the setup has a red diamond-like symbol which works as a time limiter. The user has to keep targeting it to keep pushing the time limit further. Get the game from the Microsoft store here.

Pinball Shooter

Pinball shooter is an easier variant to the original Pinball. The gameplay is simple – use the shutters at the bottom to direct the ball to hit the golden stars. Every hit adds on points and the game has a time limit. There are obstacles in between which change the path of the ball. Check this game from the Microsoft store.


Slingpin is definitely not one of those regular Pinball games. With tennis ball cannons, explosives, magnets, lasers, pinball bumpers, etc. This fun arcade/puzzle game involves smashing the obstacles and making points. The game is available from the Microsoft store here.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures

This is one of those games with a story, yet keeping the basic theme related to Pinball. A perfect game for kids, Momonga Pinball Adventures uses a flying squirrel instead of the regular small balls. The whole game involves cute animals and 3 different “worlds” where the squirrel has to make points. The 3 main characters are Momo, Fry, and Panda. Fighting the evil owls. If you like it, then download it from the Microsoft store here.

Which one do you prefer?

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