Download Classic 3D Pinball Star game for Windows 10 & Windows Phone

If you are one of the millions of Pinball fans around, there is really good news for you. The brilliant classic Windows game is now available for Windows 10/8.1 and Windows Phone 10/8.

3D Pinball is back, for Windows users! It offers brand new tables and a host of new features and improvements, including new advanced graphics and sounds. The look and appearance might not be as good as the original one, but then again it makes you re-live classic Pinball memories.

The classic game named 3D Pinball- Cadet Game was once the most popular game amongst the Windows XP users. If you were a Windows user before the launch of  Windows Vista, you might surely have played and enjoyed the classic 3D Pinball- Cadet Game which was commonly referred as just Pinball. The last time Pinball was built-in with the Windows OS was when the Microsoft shipped Windows XP computer systems. Pinball was removed from Windows further because of due to porting issues from 32-bit platforms to 64-bit builds.

The classic Pinball-Cadet Game is now back with a new name “Pinball Star” both for Windows 8.1 devices and Windows Phone 8. You can now re-live the thrilling experience on your new Windows 8 devices.

Pinball for Windows 10

The all-new Pinball Star app for Windows 8.1 is beautifully designed with excellent graphics and upbeat music. The app is fast and downloads/installs in a few minutes. High-end graphics and touch-friendly control buttons provide a wonderful gaming experience to users. The flippers and control buttons respond great to touch.

Pinball Star is designed for the original Pinball game which was last bundled with Windows XP. Responsive paddles, fun sounds, and neat graphics give a fun experience on touch-enabled Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices.

Classic 3D Pinball Star for Windows 10/8.1

  • Classic Pinball
  • 16 Missions
  • Achievement badges
  • Highscore leaderboards
  • Customize your controls
  • Great graphics and sounds.

However, a few of its functions do not work like the original Pinball game. For example, the ball is not as shiny as it was in the original 3D Pinball and the look is not very realistic as that of the original one.

You can download the game from Microsoft Stores.

TIP: There are other Pinball game apps for Windows 10 available as well.

If you were once a Windows XP user, this new game would definitely invoke the nostalgia for 3D Pinball- Cadet Game found on your old Windows XP PC. Both apps are free, check them out and let us know how you like it.

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