Password Bank Vault encrypts & stores all your passwords securely

None, except you should have access to all your important passwords. Because, passwords which are a combination of letters, numbers and more ensure confidentiality of data stored across various workstations. Often, it is advised to choose a strong password to make sure that all your account passwords are as difficult to guess or break into as possible. But, sometimes, remembering such strong passwords becomes difficult. Nevertheless, there are many free password managers to help you store and remember passwords. One that I found useful was Password Bank Vault.

Password Bank Vault is an easy to use application that allows you to keep your passwords in a secure location. The program is cross-platform i.e. it is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and open-source OS such as Linux. It allows you to organize the credentials in predefined lists and to create a custom tab with the desired details. All the database entered can be protected by using a personal password.

Password Bank Vault

Download the application and run the executable file. Upon launch, you will see a window that asks you to provide the master password – it’s a key to the vault, without this password you will not be able to access the application and the data stored in it.

password bank vault

Once you enter/provide a master password, application’s tabbed interface will be visible to you: This includes,

  1. Tabs for web logins
  2. email or FTP accounts
  3. bank accounts and PINs
  4.  software licenses, etc.

pssword Bank Vault 2

Above the tabs you will find buttons for adding new entries to the database, backing it up and performing other operations.

To begin, simply select a tab from the application’s interface. If you would like to enter the password for an online account, select the Web Logins tab.

Password Bank Vault

For adding a new entry, hit the ‘New’ button.

What’s new in this version? The latest version adds Password Generator, Web Button, Screen Tips, Auto Save Preferences, Auto Save Window Size, Sheet Customization, Update & About Button, Variable Text Size.

Moreover, if you would like to back up or export the data saved by Password Bank Vault you could do so by simply clicking on the Lock Screen button.

Download: Home Page.

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