Pale Moon Extension Compatibility Checker identifies SDK extensions

The latest version Pale Moon browser v27 is an upgraded version of its predecessor. This means it is quite different from its earlier versions and includes many changes under the hood like no support for SDK applications.  So, if you want to run the latest version, you need to have an application at hand that can determine which applications are SDK apps. Pale Moon offers this convenience for its users via Pale Moon Compatibility Checking Tool.

The compatibility checker tool Works on Windows platform only and not Linux or other platforms. When launched, it checks your default Pale Moon profile and indicates which of your extensions are SDK extensions, so you know which extensions it supports and therefore, can look into finding alternatives for them before v27 is released.

Things to be noted while using the compatibility checking tool – the tool is still in the nascent stage of development. As such, it isn’t very polished. It cannot always extract the display name of extensions from extension files. Even special characters in names (like accented characters or non-latin character sets) will not be displayed properly.

Pale Moon Extension Compatibility Checker

Visit the link given at the end of the article to download the tool. The tool comes as a simple, single .exe file. Simply download it to a location of your choice and run the application.

When run, the program will display its main window with a simple interface. Simply hit the “Check” button to display the results.

The list on the right side of the main screen will populate with the names of all your extensions. If an extension is marked with {SDK} against its name, then it will not be compatible with Pale Moon browser now.

Pale Moon Extension Compatibility Checker

If you have multiple Pale Moon profiles or have the profile stored in a non-standard location, you can hit the “Select Another Profile” button to pop up a folder picker to browse to a different profile folder to check. You should select the root folder of your profile (usually has a number of random characters and then the given name or .default appended).

For more information on this and to download the tool, visit the Pale Moon forum.

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