How to override default Regional Format settings in Windows 10

Depending on where you are, and what locale you work with, and lastly which locale you belong to, Windows 10 doesn’t offer many choices for its Region settings. The standard region settings for Windows 10 lets you select one set of format for the calendar and more. This, however, has changed from Windows 10 v1809. You can override default regional format settings in Windows 10Improved local experience.

Override default Regional Format settings in Windows 10

Overide Default Regional Settings

Open Settings > Time and Language > Region. Here the default region is what Windows and apps might use to give you local content. However, if you work for a different locale, and need to have different format settings such as Calendar, First day of the week, Dates, Times, and Currency, you can change under Regional format.

After changing, you will not have to reboot your Windows 10 PC. However, some of the apps will have to close and launched again to apply the new format. So if you need to use apps which are of a different locale, the changes will appear only when you relaunch the app.

Apart from this, after changing the locale or region format, you can choose a different language which makes more sense to you. In simple words, if you like more common words than standard words in your Windows, this is the way to go. This local format will be used for navigation, menus, messages, settings, and other topics. Under Languages, look for a link which says “Add a Windows display language with local experience packs“.

override default regional format settings

Local Experience Packs are Microsoft Store apps that deliver Windows display language quality improvements. When you click on the link, it will download from the Microsoft Store.

Lastly, Windows has started utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural network-based Machine Learning (ML) for Windows localization. As the number increase, Machine language improvements, and user feedback will help make translations better, and make it available to more and more languages.

Overall it’s an interesting move from Microsoft. The demand for topics and machines to be available in local languages have been growing past few years. Thanks to improving internet conditions. By involving more local content, it will eventually help business to grow faster.

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