How to opt out of Please Rate Firefox survey

Mozilla Firefox browser at times may randomly start displaying a Please Rate Firefox prompt to a small sample of users. Often, I ignore or sideline these messages and treat them nothing more than distractions. The browser, however, requests users to simply select a star rating to enable the browser report the same back to Mozilla.

firefox survey

Once you are done with the rating task, a new tab opens in the browser with additional resources for common issues and new features so you can get help right away. This can be quite annoying.

If you wish to opt out of this activity, here’s what you need to do.

Opting out of Rate your Firefox Experience

Please Rate Firefox

Fortunately, Firefox offers an easy way to opt out from such random surveys via Firefox about: config settings. It contains a wealth of ways via which you can customize the browser.

So, launch the Firefox browser and in the address bar of a new tab, type about: config and press Enter. If prompted with “This might void your warranty!” warning message, ignore it and proceed further by clicking ‘I accept the risk!’ button.

Assuming you have the about: config page opened, search for the following preference entry – extensions.shield-recipe-client.enabled.

Set the value of this preference to “false” by double-clicking on it.

That’s it!

The final step enables you to opt out of ‘Rate your Firefox experience’ survey.

The developers of the browser claim all of this are to improve Firefox. They believe a little feedback from users can help them in building a better product and deepen their relationship with users by capturing both Qualitative and Quantitative data from the unbiased sample of users, regularly. However, they should also realize that it is their bounden duty to value users’ precious time and effort by doing minimally intrusive questioning like conducting small samples, occasionally and simple interactions. This will help them in collecting just enough data to be useful.

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