Install and Update all software at once with Ninite for Windows

You often need to format your system because of various reasons. Formatting of your Windows PC is far easy, than the procedure that needs to be followed after formatting – and that is the installing and updating of software, one by one, by visiting their official websites.

Ninite is a free tool that allows you to quickly download and install groups of software on your system – crapware-free! This is really very useful in quickly setting up your PC and laptops for use. This is the place where you can get all Windows freeware safely without much effort. All you need to do is to select the applications which you want to install on our system and get the installer for it. The best part here is that there will be ‘NO’ toolbar or any other junkware and malware files that you need to install to download the software.

Ninite for Windows

Do check out the list of features of this useful tool:

  • Simple to use and easy to understand
  • Save lots of time by installing the software in bulk
  • Skip up to date application
  • Install application in your PC’s language
  • No toolbar and junk ware
  • Install 64 bit app on 64 bit machines
  • Work in the background
  • No rebooting is required
  • Download application from the official website

Working with Ninite

Working on Ninite is simple. Ninite provides a list of popular freeware software that you need to install on your system. Here you will find a list of different software that you commonly use.

Ninite for Windows

From the web browsers like Chrome, Firefox to file sharing software everything is listed here on the main webpage. All you need to do is to select the software which you want to download from Ninite and then click on ‘Get Installer’.

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 install and update software

Clicking on the ‘Get Installer’ button will download the single .Exe file on your system.

 install and update software

Now run that downloaded file which will install the softwares which you had selected earlier. These installations will take place in the background without disturbing you, with toolbar offers and annoying choices.

install and update software

Ninite is very helpful for those who have got a new PC or had just got a new fresh copy of Windows installed on the system. Here in Ninite you will find everything at one place so that you can quickly install and update software and that is also free, secure and safe.

Visit this link and start downloading your favorite software safely.

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