What are nfo and diz files in Windows?

You may have come across NFO and DIZ files, and possibly wondered what they were for? Normally NFO files are associated with the Microsoft Info Viewer. If you’ve downloaded ASCII art or software from warez sites, you will almost always get these files.

nfo and diz files

nfo and diz files

Actually these files are just text files with a different extension and usually some ASCII art.

The .nfo file is basically a text file with width restricted to 80 characters. It has all the information about the application or game, including burn or install instructions and a serial number if needed. You can simply open it in a Notepad.

The .diz file is just like a file tag, usually just with the application name and the release groups name. If you right click and open it in notepad you can see the text and read about the program.

But to see the full beauty of these files you need a special font that displays the ASCII properly you should use an NFO and DIZ Viewer.

NFO and DIZ Viewers

  1. DAMN NFO Viewer is a free utility designed for viewing text files containing ASCII Art like NFO and DIZ files.
  2. GetDiz is a simple but resourceful text editor and NFO and DIZ viewer. It also lets you save your files in the DIZ, NFO, TXT or INI format, or as a GIF image file formats.

If you wish to remove these two files, go ahead and do so. In case your junk remover does not identify these as junk, you can search for *.nfo or *.diz and delete them physically.

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  1. Stefano Cini

    good article! I’d like to submit this program to open those kind of files: Jane
    http://www.kifoth.de/jane/html/home.html it’s light and easy to use, and very good as default notepad 🙂

  2. Andrey de Oliveira

    Complementing: DIZ stands for “Description in Zip File.”. DIZ FILE describes the program or files within a .ZIP archive were originally used for distributing files via BBS (bulletin board systems). The information contained in FILE_ID.DIZ files provided system administrators with helpful descriptions of each file that was uploaded to the system. 😉

  3. Thanks for adding this bit. 🙂

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