NetSetMan: Network Settings Manager for Windows 10

NetSetMan is a very useful utility to manage different network settings like IP address, DNS, etc. It can easily be used to switch between 6 different profiles including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server, Win server, computer name, printer, DNS domain, workgroup, and scripts. This is especially useful for Laptop users who switch between different profiles like Office, Home, etc. Instead of manually configuring the settings you can just set up everything once and use the profile when you need it.


Network Settings Manager for Windows

There are two versions – free & professional version. On their website, you’ll find the full comparison of what it does. The free version is only for personal use. So let’s get into its features.

  • Supports IP, Gateway, DNS, WINS – Multiple IPs per NIC – IPv4 & IPv6!
  • Organize, create, delete and connect to WiFi/WLAN profiles
  • Different computer names for different locations
  • Change your workgroup on the fly!
  • Your print jobs will now always be sent to the right printer
  • Map and disconnect network locations as local drives
  • Activate, deactivate or restart your network adapter
  • Connect to and disconnect from stored connections
  • DNS Suffix – Complete configuration possibilities as known from Windows
  • Add, delete or change the entries in your local IP routing table
  • Dynamically change the outgoing server of your email client
  • Map hostnames to IP addresses
  • Scripts (BAT, VS, JS, …) Extend the functionality to your custom needs!
  • Expert setting: Only change the hardware address of NIC if you really know what you’re doing!
  • Link profiles to WiFi networks for an automatic activation
  • Quickly check all your IP settings without a single click!
  • Two UI’s- Once you’ve set up your profiles switch to the compact UI!’
  • Switch settings even before logging on! (compatible settings: IPs, NIC status, workgroup & domain, display resolution, PC name, firewall, SMTP, hosts, scripts)
  • Touch-friendly Metro/Modern UI add-on for the desktop version of NetSetMan for Windows.

This is a huge list of the feature list. Most of the functions work on the free version. The freeware, however, does not allow you to join or leave network domains without re-entering your credentials nor does it offer proxy support for browsers. The setting up part is very easy. Check out this video.

To conclude NetSetMan is a nifty little tool with a lot of features for those to jump between different network setups. At the time of installation, you can select either portable for the installed version. It’s pretty easy to configure and use, and for an average user, six profile is more than enough so for personal use NetSetMan makes an ideal candidate. I hope you find this utility useful.

NetSetMan free download

You can download NetSetMan from here. It works on Windows 10/8/7.

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