5 Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

Worn out from a long week, you would be in a mood to recline lazily on your couch and watch TV. And if you are addicted to Netflix, I am sure you would be hunting for easy ways to browse Netflix for something to watch. Although Netflix’s built-in recommendation system is good at attempting to suggest movies you’d like, sometimes getting a more critical opinion while picking picking out a movie becomes important. The article presents a list of 5 best Chrome extension for Netflix.

Netflix Chrome Extensions

Flix Plus

The Chrome extension developed by LifeHacker brings good improvement over the official Netflix User Interface offering. It works as advertised and lets you customize Netflix to your heart’s desire. The extension allows you to Filter recommendations, remove spoilers, show IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Get it here.

Flix Plus

It has been updated with customizable keyboard shortcuts and lots of other tweaks and bug fixes. Full list of features of the updated version can be accessed via the Chrome Web Store improvement. It is recommended you revert your Netflix dashboard to the old version for the changes to work properly.

Rotten Netflix

Highlight of the extension is it’s lightweight. Besides, It helps you save steps when it comes to finding out what people really think about the movie you’re considering spending next hour and half or so watching it. Upon installing the extension, the ratings from Rotten Tomatoes are inserted underneath the movies on the Netflix site.

Rotten Netflix

The scores from Rotten Tomatoes rest underneath the movie images and do not require any clicks or hovering to see. Saving time helps you pick movies for your queue quickly. If you’re busy searching new titles to watch while you’re off for the weekend let this extension help you with your decision-making.

Netflix Enhancer

The installation of NEnhancer is simple just visit the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome browser. Thereafter, a small N icon appears in the browser address bar whenever you’re on the Netflix site. Hover over any of the titles on Netflix and the pop-up box will now show ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, if available.

Netflix enhancer


Also, if Netflix Enhancer is able to find a trailer for the movie you’ve selected, you’ll see a small white camera icon; click on it to see the trailer and get help deciding whether you really want to watch the film in question. You can get NEnhancer here from the Chrome Store – but read this first.

Netflix Rate

Netflix Rate is a Chrome extension that adds IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings directly to Netflix. When you hold your mouse cursor over the title of any movie, it pulls the rating from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes services alongside Netflix’s stars. In all, a handy extension to pick out movies for watching. It is available here.

Netflix Rate


The Chrome extension removes area limitations for various online media streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, etc. It is definitely a good choice for providing access to several online services in countries where they are not supported. Download it here.

Watching TV shows and movies online can become much easier with these Chrome Extensions. Let us know if you have any favorites.

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  1. Collin Chaffin

    Hi Hemant, see the following regarding the nEnhancer extension – I have done security analysis and recorded webcast showing this extension is malicious malware. I too have run it for years and had no idea but recently it changed/elevated it’s permissions and I did not think anything until yesterday when the server that was mirroring all my web activity went down briefly – and as a network/security consultant with almost 30yrs under my belt I began to investigate. Without listing all details, this article seems to hit the nail on the head of exactly what I’ve found this malicious extension to be doing on all our systems silently, hidden:


    Anyway, here is the youtube video I shot live yesterday (8/14) showing both the live requests still being made from our machines every opening of Chrome to pull down the list of tens of thousands of URLs to hit hidden, but also redirect code and the actual code on my (and your) hard drive (BS.JS) housing verbatim code I found on a pastebin post labeled “Redirect Malware Extension” – coincidence because that’s exactly what this thing is doing now with it’s elevated permissions we all granted it recently:


    Hope this helps you and your viewers. Either way, right now you’re at the top of the Google list of articles pushing this as a viable (recommended) product with your endorsement, so I thought you’d want this new info to allow you to be fully informed as to whether you wish to continue to endorse and leave this article active.

    On a side note, I still use (and as of 8/14 deem safe) the Flix Plus by Lifehacker (I am not affiliated just a user) because it still only requires permissions to even read let alone change one site – NETFLIX and one additional info site used by Netflix.

  2. Erroid

    JoinFLIX gives you an access to NETFLIX content directly from IMDb – https://goo.gl/LWNfF4

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