Netcam Studio: All-in-one surveillance system for Windows

Netcam Studio is a powerful and professional surveillance system for Windows. It is a complete solution to monitor your home or office from your PC or Mobile. You can even monitor a PC without actually watching it from some other device as Netcam keeps you informed by frequent SMS and Email notifications that seems very handy and time savers.

Netcam Studio review

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Netcam Studio, you will see an app named ‘Netcam Studio Server’ under the start screen or menu. Run that app and you are done with hosting your surveillance server. Netcam Studio Server can be installed as a Windows Service or it can also run fromsystem tray of the Windows.

Netcam Server

Now you can connect to that server from the Internet. I have connected to my server from a local computer. Once you’ve connected to your server, you need to add the Video sources. You can view the attached webcams to the server PC or you can add the Network cameras attached to the Server PC.

Once you are done with adding sources, you may click on the source you want to view. In addition to traditional surveillance, Netcam can also detect sounds and motion for you. Under settings, you can go to Rule Managerand you can create your custom rules for different actions. For an example, you can create your rule for audio detection that is, if the program would detect audio on server PC it may start your chosen action. And similarly if it detects motion, it may again perform some action.

Netcam Studio

With this amazing program you can even activate Email and SMS notifications which are very useful and they always keep you informed about activities on your computer. But remember, if you want to use the Email notification, you need your own SMPT email sending server. And similarly for SMS you need to have your own SMS service provider.

On the server PC there is a Library folder created and same is for the Client PC, the Library folders are frequently synced so that the data between folders remains the same, you can even activate FTP synchronizationand there is also support for automatic Cloud upload.

You can access your PC using other Windows PC. You can even do that from a mobile phone by simply visiting Else you can download the Netcam app for Android and iPhone.

Netcam Studio is a great and all in one surveillance system that has a long list of supported devices. Netcam Studio is free to use for personal requirements, you can use the program freely for up to 4 camera sources but if your requirement is more than that, you may additionally need to purchase a license. Four sources are more than enough for a basic user.

Click here to download Netcam Studio.

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