Windows Easy Switcher lets you switch between windows of the same application

Windows Switcher is one of my favorite feature on Mac since it helps me sift through various windows of the same application without actually using my touchpad. However, this is one feature that I miss on my Windows 10 PC. Fret not, Windows Easy Switcher already has a solution for this shortcoming. With this free software, one will be able to use Alt+’ to multi-tab between windows of the same application. This tool is not only expected to boost your utility much, but it can also help Mac users switch to Windows 10 with relative use.

Windows Easy Switcher
Windows Easy Switcher

I have been trying out this app from quiet some time and it does deliver what it promises. The installation is pretty straightforward and the application is lightweight which means that it won’t eat up on your precious computing resources. The program can also be run on startup. The new update of Easy Windows Switcher also supports international keyboard unlike before when it used to support only US keyboards.

The Alt -tab between the Windows of the same application is very useful. After installing (need to run the .exe) the Easy Windows Support one can simply press the ”Alt” and the key to the left of number 1 as shown in the screenshot above. For British keyboard users that translate to Alt+§. For the French AZERTY keyboard, it is Alt+² while on the German keyboard it is Alt+^.

In all likelihood, one might confuse the Alt+Tab shortcut on Windows with the Windows Switcher. The Alt+Tab lets you switch from one application Windows to another while the Easy Windows Switcher helps you to switch between windows or instances of the same application.

That said it’s worth mentioning that Windows can also natively switch between Windows of an application if you press and hold down Ctrl whilst left-clicking a taskbar button. But again, in this case, the Ctrl+Click might possibly interfere with the Internet Explorer tan and for those of you who prefer a keyboard-only approach, the Easy Windows Switcher seems to be a no-brainer.

The recent update not only brings in support for non-US keyboard layouts but has also reverted addition of the 48×48 icon to reduce the binary size and supports cycling between maximized Windows. The Easy Windows Switcher doesn’t come with too many features onboard and it is for this very reason why you should love this little utility. I love this utility since I usually have many instances of Word or Chrome Browser tabs open at any moment.

You can download Easy Windows Switcher from Neosmart.

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