Operate Narrator & Magnifier quickly with these keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

We have already seen a list of some available Ease Of Access keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. Now let us take a look at some of the keyboard shortcut that Microsoft has given in Windows 10 for Narrator & Magnifier.


Keyboard shortcuts for Narrator

Windows OS includes the Narrator, which is a built-in accessibility feature that can read text on your computer screen aloud. It can also read out and describe various other events which may occur on your PC, including reading out error messages. So if you have vision impairments, you will find this feature useful as it can also allow you to use your PC without a display.

Keyboard shortcut
Winkey +Enter
To do this

Start or exit Narrator


Caps Lock+ESC

To do this

Exit Narrator


Caps Lock+M

To do this

Start reading



To do this

Stop reading


Caps Lock+Spacebar

To do this

Do default action


Caps Lock+Right arrow

To do this

Move to next item


Caps Lock+Left arrow


Move to previous item


Caps Lock+Up or Down arrow


Change view


Caps Lock+F2


Show commands for current item


Caps Lock+Enter


Change search mode


Caps Lock+A


Change verbosity mode


Caps Lock+Z


Lock Narrator key (Caps Lock) so you don’t have to press it for every keyboard shortcut


Caps Lock+X


Have Narrator ignore the next keyboard shortcut you use


Caps Lock+F12


Turn keystroke reading off or on


Caps Lock+V


Repeat phrase


Caps Lock+Page Up or Page Down


Increase or decrease voice volume


Caps Lock+plus (+) or minus (-)


Increase or decrease voice speed


Caps Lock+D


Read item


Caps Lock+F


Read advanced info about item


Caps Lock+S


Read item spelled out


Caps Lock+W


Read window


Caps Lock+R


Read all items in the containing area


Caps Lock+Num Lock


Turn mouse mode on or off


Caps Lock+Q


Move to last item in the containing area


Caps Lock+G


Move Narrator cursor to system cursor


Caps Lock+T


Move Narrator cursor to pointer


Caps Lock+tilde (~)


Set focus to item


Caps Lock+Backspace


Go back one item


Caps Lock+Insert


Jump to linked item


Caps Lock+F10


Read current row header


Caps Lock+F9


Read current column header


Caps Lock+F8


Read current row


Caps Lock+F7


Read current column


Caps Lock+F5


Read current row and column location


Caps Lock+F6


Jump to table cell


Shift+Caps Lock+F6


Jump to cell contents


Caps Lock+F3


Jump to next cell in current row


Shift+Caps Lock+F3


Jump to previous cell in current row


Caps Lock+F4


Jump to next cell in current column


Shift+Caps Lock+F4


Jump to previous cell in current column


Caps Lock+Close square bracket (])


Read text from start to cursor


Caps Lock+zero (0)


Read text attributes


Caps Lock+H


Read document


Ctrl+Caps Lock+U


Read current page


Caps Lock+U


Read next page


Shift+Caps Lock+U


Read previous page


Ctrl+Caps Lock+I


Read current paragraph


Caps Lock+I


Read next paragraph


Shift+Caps Lock+I


Read previous paragraph


Ctrl+Caps Lock+O

Read current line


Caps Lock+O


Read next line


Shift+Caps Lock+0


Read previous line


Ctrl+Caps Lock+P


Read current word


Caps Lock+P


Read next word


Shift+Caps Lock+P


Read previous word


Ctrl+Caps Lock+Open square bracket ([)


Read current character


Caps Lock+Open square bracket ([)


Read next character


Shift+Caps Lock+Open square bracket ([)


Read previous character


Caps Lock+Y


Move to beginning of text


Caps Lock+B


Move to end of text


Caps Lock+J


Jump to next heading


Shift+Caps Lock+J


Jump to previous heading


Caps Lock+K


Jump to next table


Shift+Caps Lock+K


Jump to previous table


Caps Lock+L


Jump to next link


Shift+Caps Lock+L


Jump to previous link


Caps Lock+C


Read current date and time


Press Caps Lock twice in quick succession


Turn Caps Lock on or off


Caps Lock+E


Give negative feedback


Shift+Caps Lock+E


Give positive feedback


Caps Lock+E tapped twice in quick succession


Open the feedback dialog


Ctrl+Caps Lock+Up arrow


Go to parent


Ctrl+Caps Lock+Right arrow


Go to next sibling


Ctrl+Caps Lock+Left arrow


Go to previous sibling


Ctrl+Caps Lock+Down arrow


Go to first child


Caps Lock+N


Move to main landmark

Narrator with Touch

Press this key To do this

Tap once with two fingers


Stop Narrator from reading


Tap three times with four fingers


Show all Narrator commands (including the ones not in this list)




Activate primary action




Activate secondary action


Touch or drag a single finger


Read what’s under your fingers


Flick left/right with one finger


Move to next or previous item


Swipe left/right/up/down with two fingers




Swipe down with three fingers


Start reading on explorable text

Magnifier keyboard shortcuts

Magnifier makes it easier for people with disabilities, to read and view various parts of their computer screen more clearly, as it makes items appear larger.

Press this key To do this
Windows logo key +plus (+) or minus (-)

Zoom in or out




Preview the desktop in full-screen mode




Switch to docked mode




Switch to full-screen mode




Invert colors




Switch to lens mode




Resize the lens


Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys


Pan in the direction of the arrow keys

Windows logo key +Esc

Exit Magnifier

Enjoy Windows 10!

Now go take a look at the complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10.

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