Most Expensive Computer Keyboards In The World

Technological developments years ago led to the evolution of typewriter into a typewriter-type device called, keyboard having many keys with characters printed on it and each key press corresponding to a single written symbol.

Even after years of development and oversupplying of alternative computer input peripherals such as mouse, stylus and voice recognition technology, keyboard remains the preferred choice for direct input into computers. The price of this computer peripheral can range from few hundreds of dollars to thousands. Here’s the list of some expensive keyboards available in the market.

Most expensive computer keyboards

Happy Hacking Professional Keyboard HG Japan

First in the list is Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP Japan. A keyboard coated with the Japanese lacquer known as Urushi using a special brush made from the hairs of virgins, and then powdered with gold dust! The keyboard can be bought at a whooping price $ 4500 approximately.


TouchStream LP

TouchStream LP by Fireworks is more identified as a trackpad but with a keyboard overlay. That’s because it’s a keyboard. The advantage is the lightest touch will activate a key. Moreover, the computer peripheral supports an array of gestures. For instance, a grasping motion is used to cut and dropping to paste. A clockwise flick of the wrist closes a window.


The keyboard production has ceased however, it can be purchased from online retailers and eBay for around $ 1500.

Professional II from Datahand

Datahand keyboard emulates a standard keyboard and mouse. The keyboard boasts a QWERTY Key Layout, keys of which can be adjusted both, vertically and horizontally. It includes a 10-Key Number Pad on Right Hand Module. Modules Incline from 0 ° to 10 °. Datahand can be purchased for $ 675 or more.


Keyless Ergonomic Keyboard from OrbiTouch

Is typing a pain for you? It doesn’t have to be with new Keyless keyboard by OrbiTouch. The Keyboard requires no ?nger or wrist motion to operate but is simple to learn and easy to use. The traditional keys are replaced by domes to minimize hand and wrist exertion, creating a pain-free typing experience. OrbiTouch is full 128 character keyboard and mouse in one, an alternative to the standard keyboard. Cost Price – $400 approximately.


Comfort Keyboard & Comfort Keyboard Systems

Comfort Keyboard is a Comfort Keyboard Systems product, the company which specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of the best, adjustable, ergonomic and separable computer keyboards.

The Comfort Keyboard as displayed in the screenshot can be separated into three sections, which can be adjusted easily and locked into place. You can bend, twist, and arrange at any angle comfortable for you, whether at work or play.

most expensive computer keyboards

Apart from the design, comfort and portability, comfort keyboard offers a programmable “rest period indicator that reminds a user to take an essential break, when required. Price – $350 approximately. The company is also known for manufacturing best high quality industrial waterproof keyboards.

Let us know if you plan to buy any! 😀

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