Modify computer monitor settings using ControlMyMonitor for Windows

A wrongly or badly configured laptop screen with brightness or contrast settings set too high can strain your eyes. More relaxed settings can perhaps make viewing more comfortable, especially if you prefer working at your computer for long hours. ControlMyMonitor from Nirsoft is designed for this purpose. It allows you to view and modify the settings of your monitor from a single interface.

Control My Monitor lets a user tweak a variety of monitor settings including VCP Features like contrast, brightness, sharpness, red/green/blue color balance, etc. without the need to use the OSD. It works with any monitor that supports DDC/CI.

How to use ControlMyMonitor

Using ControlMyMonitor is pretty simple. It doesn’t require any installation or additional DLL files. Simply download the compressed file weighing 68KB in size and run the setup file – ControlMyMonitor.exe.

Upon launching the application, you will find the current settings of your monitor displayed on the main screen. If you are running multiple monitors, you can select anyone from the monitor combo-box below the toolbar.


For modifying any single entry, simply select it and then double-click the item (or press the F6 key). To enhance or diminish the current value, use the ‘Increase Value‘ or ‘Decrease Value‘ option visible under Action menu.

You can also increase/decrease values by using the mouse wheel, according to the selected option in Options -> Change Value With Mouse Wheel. By default, the mouse wheel feature is active when you hold down the Ctrl key.

In addition to the normal method, you can launch ControlMymonitor via Command-Line Options

If you have only one monitor, you can use ‘Primary’ as your monitor string in all command-line options. If you have multiple monitors, you have to find a string that uniquely identifies your monitor. To do so, open ControlMyMonitor , select the desired monitor and then press Ctrl+M (Copy Monitor Settings).

Save/Load Config

The lightweight application allows you to export all read/write properties into a simple text file and then later load these properties back to the monitor. You can find the save/load config feature under the File menu bearing the following description ‘Save Monitor Config‘ and ‘Load Monitor Config‘.

You can download the freeware from

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