MKVToolNix: Create, alter, split, join, view WebM and MKV files

Do you know what a Matroska file is? Many of us have used it for years but have no idea of its real name. For those who are wondering, a Matroska file is actually MKV, and as you might now know, it’s usually attached to videos. Now, if you have an MKV file laying around on your computer, its possible to grab a few information from it, should you wish to. Not only that, the same can be done with the WebM file when using a program known as MKVToolnix. It allows you to create, alter, and inspect WebM & MKV files.

Create, alter & view Matroska MKV files

We’ve tested it for quite some time, and can say for certain that it works as intended. Folks like us do not need to be extracting meta information from video files, but for those who do, well, this tool should be good enough for most cases, and even some. Bear in mind that other graphic user interfaces are supported, here.

During the installation, you should see a section detailing the supported GUIs, so get those if you’re not a fan of the default design.

1] Info Tool

Create, alter & view Matroska MKV files

When it comes down to using the Info Tool, is pretty straightforward and to the point. Just click on the button, and from there proceed to add your MKV or WebM file. Once that is done, the user should now see a ton of information regarding the file.

2] Header Editor

Do you want to edit the header of your MKV file? No problem, Thomas, for this is more than possible. Simply click on the button that says Header Editor, add your file, then prepared to be overwhelmed.

Yes, there’s a lot to do here, and there are many options and the features under this tab. You can make a lot of changes here, and that’s perfect for those who know what they’re doing.

3] Chapter Editor

Its now time to edit the chapter of your file for whatever reason, we don’t care. This feature is also to the point. Tap on the Chapter Editor button, add the MKV or WebM file, then make changes to the chapters if not are available.

Should you come across an empty spot, well, its possible to add new elements. Right-click in the black space then select what you want to do.

Download the program directly from the official website.

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