How to minimize Skype to System Tray in Windows 10/8


  1. I spent 20 minutes this morning running two computers. 8.1 with the
    above “minimise to system tray” problem. Whilst I spoke to the Skype
    engineer on my old XP machine.
    He could NOT come up with a solution.

    Five minutes later I find your page and within seconds I have solved the problem, that you so much.
    BUT it beggars belief that people are PAID to help users and they still have no idea about this annoying (default) situation.
    I am using Skype version for Windows 8.1

    Thanks once again. Great help. As the big man said. “I’ll be back” !!



  2. Worked for me. If it doesn’t work for you, change skype.exe properties to run in compatibilty mode for Windows 7.

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