Availability of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition makes it easier to ditch Java

The time has come ladies and gentlemen, to get rid of Java once and for all. We’ve slightly talked about the reasons for ending Java’s life on your computer, but now we are going to double down.

Back on November 18, 2011, which is 4-years ago, Java got a new lease on life when Minecraft launched for the Windows PC. We’re not sure what flew into the heads of the creators for basing this video game around Java, but it turned out well for them.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

After years of making millions, the developers stayed with Java despite its many security issues and the fact that other languages could make for a more optimized game that performs a lot better.

This game saw millions of people downloading Java to their computer, but with Minecraft now a central aspect at Microsoft, the time has come for Java to meet its end.

We say this because not too long ago, Microsoft released the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition; and guess what? It was not created with Java, but with C++. Over time, Java version of Minecraft will be phased out, and we have to say, this should have happened a long time ago.

With all this happening, it is clear this is the time to get rid of Java once and for all. Minecraft is the final saving grace for Java, and with the game moving to greener pastures, users have little reason to keep this mess of a language on their systems.

First, you need to download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. We understand it is free for anyone who owns the Java version of the game. Uninstall the old game and Java Runtime Environment and you’re good to go.

Now, what if you do not want to remove the original version of Minecraft? We understand because the Windows 10 Edition version doesn’t have the same amount of features when compared to the old.

There’s a trick that allows you to play the game without having Java installed throughout your computer system.

It is all about the new launcher Mojang has released for Minecraft. With this launcher, Java will only be linked to Minecraft and not your whole system, so should there be any serious security problems, your system will not be affected.

Despite this, most Minecraft users are still using the old launcher, so if you are one of them, it is time to upgrade.

This is how to switch over:

Just visit this link right here, it will carry you to the Minecraft website. Download the file that says, Minecraft.exe, and that’s it.

We’re done here, good luck.

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  1. antidotcb

    I agree with you at every point.
    But heavily optimized C++ is at least 6 times faster than Java anyway.
    P.S. I tell this as 10+ years experience software developer.

  2. BeanMerkl

    I agree that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft does run much better than the Java equivalent, but there is one major problem with this transition. Minecraft mods have become a huge part of Minecraft, and as such, holds the interest of much of the fanbase. If this transition is too abrupt, or somehow manages to cut off mod support, then Minecraft could easily fade away, just another fad that took a wrong turn.

    I am all for moving past Java (in the case of Minecraft), but the switch in languages is really my only concern, and what that could spell for the modding community,.

  3. sk_in_co

    If MS is smart about it, they’ll make a real API for it like they have for Xbox. Right now the mod community depends on what is effectively an API hack. My money says that an API will come because it will extend the life of the game tenfold..

  4. GadgetConsumer

    “…heavily optimized C++ is at least 6 times faster than Java…”

    Um, you clearly didn’t even spend a moment looking up language benchmarks. Just take a moment to checkout the benchmark game. Modern java runs nearly as fast as c++ in many scenarios.

    However, different tools for different jobs. For sure Java’s forte is NOT games nor real-time computing, but I think I certainly wouldn’t be second guessing my choice of Java to write a game that earned me $2B.
    I think you could make the argument as well that the choice of Java (and its byte code) was what enabled CraftBukkit/Wolfe to piggy back on it and ultimately create the following of users/players that gave the game the momentum it enjoys today.

    P.S. 25+ years experience as a Software and Electrical Engineer.

  5. antidotcb

    1>> Modern java runs nearly as fast as c++ in many scenarios.
    nearly != equally, most scenarios == common scenarios

    2>> Java’s forte is NOT games nor real-time computing
    3>> choice of Java (and its byte code) was what enabled CraftBukkit/Wolfe

    4>> Java to write a game that earned me $2B
    the exception that proves the existence of the rule (above, #2)

    Overall: I didn’t disagree with the choice of Java for Minecraft, I only sold the idea that specific C++ implementation could be 6 times faster that Java can achieve. I don’t blame Java in any way, Java is a great language and a platform for numerous tasks. But there is still a room for C++. That’s all.

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