Microsoft Passport in Windows 10


  1. Andy
    Microsoft Passport in Windows 10
    Two-factor authentication:
    Three of the PC’s I maintane are owned by persons in thier 90’s [96 -94 & 91] 2 x running Win 7 and 1x Windows 8.1 and two of which do not have a mobile phone. One of these folks regularaly visits family member[s] and checks her mails every day at home or away when staying with family. In this scenario the certificate choice would work for her.

    The gentleman with the mobile will not give out his moblie number to anyone except familly and emergency contacts. There is no way will I be able to convince him to start using it as a secondary device to log into his hotmail [lookout] account. None of the folks have a second mail address or any other device so therefor the certificate would have to be sent to thier hotmail account. Will this be allowed? Or will they have to “borrow” a second mail address for a brief period of time to enable them to recieve the certificate? Having to remember a second [effectivly another password] PIN as well as their password will also possibly create problems.

    At present I have all of them using an mail-checking program [Pop Peeper] to check thier e-mail and to log into the accounts directly when wanting to reply or at least once a week to keep them in the habit of remembering thier passwords etc.

    So in these scenarios how will two factor work? At least one of the gentlemen [94 year old] is keen to upgrade to Windows 10 and this could be a factor [no pun intended] that will put him off upgrading. Will this two factor log-in also be needed for older OS’s [Win 7 & 8.1]?

    If someone has more than one HotmailLookout account [as some folks do] will the hardware be able to store more than 1 ID [for different HotmailLookout] mail addresses etc.? Will a user be able to remove a device from [firmware] ID?

    I think that this will be a good thing but will possibly create havoc for lots of folks as in the above.

  2. OOPS!
    I kept say Lookout when I should have been saying Outlook. I have been working on someones tablet installing the Lookout program and setting it up.
    Sorry for the mix-up.

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