Microsoft Classroom: A hub for students and teachers to interact

Microsoft Classroom is a centralized hub from Microsoft which acts as a commonplace for students and teachers to interact and collaborate with each other for an efficient result. Students can create assignments, edit and view other assignments while teachers can grade assignments, collaborate and even organize classes through Microsoft Classroom. Essentially, it is a single experience for managing all classes and assignment workflow—with a teacher and student view.

Microsoft Classroom

Office 365 Education includes this Microsoft Classroom, a single window that lets teachers manage all classes and assignment workflow for students. Microsoft Classroom also has a OneNote Notebook built into every class, allowing teachers to create assignments with due dates, along with Outlook calendar events and reminders. The assignments can also use reference text from the OneNote notebook or other Office applications.

Teachers can even create assignments for multiple classes at the same time, easily grade them, or give them private feedback and ask them to resubmit. On the other hand, students have the freedom to receive, complete and submit assignments on their preferred device, as the Classroom app is also available for iOS and Android. They can easily collaborate and edit assignments with other classmates, offline and online, without the risk of losing data due to formatting.

To get started with Microsoft Classroom, it must be ensured that you have a valid Office 365 Education subscription because the service does not work without the subscription.Assignments can be fixed and students can submit their work online, by copying it from Microsoft Word or any other Office app.

Microsoft Classroom features

  • Assignments can be “turned in” by students, then graded by the teacher, who simply has to access each student’s assignment in one place and then add notes and a grade.
  • All assignments are stored on the Classroom Outlook calendar, which is a component of the Microsoft Classroom.

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook

This is the sub-feature on Classroom that provides access to the advanced features of Classroom for both teachers and students. It works in a lot of ways,

  • A joint hub for the each student’s assignments.
  • A medium to distribute and categorize assignments created in Classroom.
  • And, send specific handbooks prescribed by teachers, straight to the students.

This student section is specific to each student and only the student and teacher have access. Furthermore, Class Notebook features a Collaboration space where students can work together on documents and whiteboards.

Microsoft Classroom is currently in its preview version, so the teachers will help provide valuable feedback to Microsoft about the service before it witnesses a public launch sometime next year. It seems to be an exciting future for classroom teaching as it is all set to change with these developments in the virtual world.

We hope to see a successful product launch by Microsoft that not only helps in its growth but also helps pave the road for other such initiatives.

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