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Microsoft Band 2 Settings: Turn Watch Mode On/Off, Auto Set Time, Use Stopwatch

Microsoft Band 2 is the improved version of its erstwhile wearable Microsoft Band. Like its predecessor, the latest iteration of Band focuses on health, fitness and acts as phone companion particularly for Windows Phones. The Gorilla Glass 3 screen helps in keeping scratches to a minimum while its OLED display is touted as more responsive to the touch than its predecessor.

Looks-wise, Microsoft Band 2 has a simple horizontal navigation structure. A simple swiping right from the Me Tile, enables a user to interact with a tile app by tapping on the corresponding tile. Inside a tile, users are greeted by their most recent content and can swipe over to see older information or additional controls. Tapping on the Back Bar sends the user back to the Start Strip.

Microsoft Band 2 Settings

If you notice, icons are used extensively on the Band to represent the underlying app,its metrics or settings. So, let’s get an overview of these settings.

Turn Watch Mode on or off

Turning Watch Mode off can save battery life on your Microsoft Band. When Watch Mode is off, the touchscreen goes dark when you’re not using your Band. Here’s to turn Watch Mode on or off:

Press the power button.

Then, swipe left and tap the Settings Tile The Settings Tile > Watch Mode Watch icon.

Thereafter, under Watch Mode, tap to turn Watch Mode Always On or Off.

If you’re using Microsoft Band 2, you can save battery life by turning on Rotate On, which shows the time only when you rotate your wrist. Here’s how to turn it on:

Swipe left and tap the Settings Tile The Settings Tile > Watch Mode Watch icon.

Tap Rotate On.

Choose the location where you wear your Band (Left arm/Right arm > Inside wrist/Outside wrist) and tap Accept Accept icon.

Change your Band’s time settings – Auto Set Time

Auto Set Time can be used to set the time zone, time, and date on your Band.

A special feature about Auto Set time is that when Auto Set Time is on, your Band automatically matches its time settings with those on your phone. For turning Auto Set Time on and off,

Press the power button.

Swipe left and tap the Settings Tile The Settings Tile > Watch Mode Watch icon.

Swipe left, and under Auto Set Time, tap On or Off.

Using the stopwatch

Swipe left and tap the Alarm & Timer Tile The Alarm & Timer Tile.

Swipe left to Stopwatch.

Next, press the action button to start the stopwatch.

While the stopwatch is running, you can tap Lap icon to start timing a new lap or Back arrow  to return to the Start Strip.

If you would like to pause the stopwatch, press the action button. While the stopwatch is paused, swipe left and tap End Session to stop the stopwatch.

Hope this helps.