MemInfo – A Real-time Memory & Page file Usage Monitor

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  1. In serious independent testing, memory-freeing and management apps like this tend to not really be very effective. In Windows XP, maybe; but starting with Vista and continuing on into Win7 (and I’ll bet Win8, too), these kinds of apps tend to be kinda’ pointless.

    Among the ones that sit in the system tray, the little “Memory Optimizer” in Glary Utilities is actually, surprisingly, about as good as any out there. But even it doesn’t do what most users would like.

    The truth is that the hands-down best tool for memory management is this one…

    ….called “CleanMem” by PCWinTech. The freeware version is all anyone needs.

    Its salient benefit is that, unlike nearly every other memory tool out there, CleanMem launches every few minutes (however often you specify), then quickly cleans stuff, and closes. It’s actually the Windows Scheduler that periodically runs it. If you seriously read, and bother to really and truly understand, everything on the webpage to which I link, above, you will understand what makes this little app special… and also superior to pretty much anything else out there.

    It’s not that the one recommended in the article to which this is a comment is bad. It is not. It’s fine… just about as good as most of the rest out there. The problem, though, is that starting with Vista, they’re all kinda’ pointless… even, to some degree, the little Glary Utilities one that I mentioned, herein (although of the ones out there, it’s one of the best… unassuming little tool that it is).

    For the real deal, though, I could not more strongly recommend “CleanMem” by PCWinTech. It’s definitely functional, and VERY cool. And free.

    Hope that helps!

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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