Free software to measure Boot or Startup Time in Windows 10

Over a period of time, you install several programs on your Windows computer. Many of these programs add entries to the startup items and add Services to Windows, which need to start when Windows starts. This results in the slowing down of your Windows PC, in terms of boot times as well as performance, because too many programs want to run.

You can use the built-in MSConfig Utility, or some nice freeware like WinPatrol or CCleaner, to remove, disable, or manage your startup programs. But if you need to measure the boot time or the time your Windows 10/8/7 takes to start up, you will need to use Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit, or you can check out some of these free software that let you do so easily.

Measure Startup or Boot Time in Windows 10

We will take a look at the following free software that will help you measure the boot or stauptime in Windows 10/8/7:

  1. Windows Boot Timer
  2. BootRace
  3. AppTimer
  4. Soluto
  5. MaaS360 Boot Analyze.

1] Windows Boot Timer

Windows Boot Timer loads itself into memory when you start your computer and measures total system boot time. After all system processes have loaded, the utility removes itself from the system memory and displays the total boot time. No installation is required. All you need to do is double-click on the executable & upon restart; it will display the time taken by your computer to load windows. It does not count the time taken to go through BIOS or BIOS boot up a password.

2] BootRacer

BootRacer will let you measure the time required for your Windows computer to boot. The main function of BootRacer is total control over Windows boot time.

3] AppTimer

AppTimer is a freeware that will run an executable, a pre-set number of times and then measure the time it takes to start-up each time. It measures the time up to the state where user input is being accepted before exiting the application. After each run AppTimer will close the application in an automated fashion, before restarting it again.

4] Soluto

Soluto will not only measure your boot time but also help you optimize boot time further. It employs innovative low-level Windows kernel technologies to identify what users are asking their PC to do, and what their PC does in return. It can delay the loading of programs or services that aren’t necessary when the computer is booting and readying itself for use. This way, such programs and services are launched a little later, thus making your computer that much earlier and ready for you to use.

3] Boot Analyzer


MaaS360 Boot Analyzer will give you detailed information s about the boot activity of your computer. It has a clean and easy-to-understand interface. The main window displays a graph with details about the date and time when the boot mode was enabled. While measuring boot times, it lets you mention the number of boots. It also maintains a history of your previous boot times. Go get it here.

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