McAfee TechCheck: Freeware to scan PC for problems

Annoyed with computer slow speed and inconsistent behavior? You must check out McAfee TechCheck. McAfee TechCheck is a free application that performs a quick check of your PC’s performance and shows you all the issues that may be slowing down your PC, so that it can help you troubleshoot the problems.

McAfee performs a complete scan of your computer and detects the hardware and software problems in your computer. It scans deeply so that issues can properly found and put forward to you so that you can further have look at them and resolve them.


McAfee TechCheck

McAfee TechCheck is a simple app with a good user interface and it requires no installation. Just run the exe file and you are ready to go. It highlights following system issues:

Operating System: Under this, issue related with Operating system are displayed. Operating system issues can cause lots of problems like Broken Startup Items, Updates Problem, etc.

Software and Security: This part deals with software and security of the PC. You can see errors regarding security settings or regarding some other software that may be causing problems in your computer. Like Phishing Filter Status, etc.

Network and Internet: Issues like Network Connection Service are highlighted here. All other issues regarding network problems and internet problems are highlighted here. Some other issues displayed here are Default Internet Browser, etc.

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Hardware and Devices: This deals with hardware problems in your computer. Like Plug and Play Service Status and etc. These issues lets you resolve hardware problems and sometimes they may need technical assistance.


After the scan you can manually resolve the issues or you can use the free tool included in the software to resolve some other basic issues. Else you can chat with McAfee tech expert who can guide you about purchasing the appropriate McAfee service for you.

In short, McAfee TechCheck scans your Windows PC for problems in various areas. It includes a free basic PC Cleaner. It can tell you the hardware and software problems with your computer, so that you can try and resolve issues like slow startup, computer crashes, frequent hangs and etc. It does not offer to fix any issues, but directs you to a link to paid services.

Click here to download McAfee TechChecker. Overall a nice, quick and easy to use scanner – but don’t expect too much from it! Take a look at McAfee Raptor too.

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