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Manage Users in Windows PC with Quick User Manager

The Control Panel’s User Account applet, helps you manage your User Accounts. You can create a new User Account, change User Account name and do more. But it doesn’t help you much when you need to quickly perform operations like deactivating accounts, changing user benefits and the addition of multiple users at once. If you want to manage your Users quickly, you can use Quick User Manager, a free portable software for Windows 10/8/7.

Manage Users in Windows PC

Quick User Manager enhances the use of your user accounts as you can manage multiple features together. You can see all the features on the home page itself, which also includes inbuilt Administrator or Guest accounts.

Using this freeware, you can change user account settings, create, disable, enable, remove user accounts, clear the lockout state, auto-logon a user, set picture to be associated with a user account, set or remove its password and more!

In the left section, click on any account you wish to modify. A detailed description will be automatically displayed in the right panel of the home screen which includes:

  1. User account name – This contains the account name which is saved in the Security Account Manager and cannot be changed.
  2. User display name – Display name is present on the user control panel, welcome screen and start menu. It can be edited by clicking on the text box.
  3. User privilege – This includes Guest, Standard user, and Administrator option.
  4. The account is disabled- You can disable the selected administrator account. This option is not available for inbuilt and the current user accounts.
  5. The account is locked – This option is to check if your account is locked by any chance.
  6. Whether the user account password can be changed, is required or the password has an expiry.
  7. Whether the password is expired of the selected user account.
  8. Auto logon – Only single user account can be set to log on automatically.
  9. Remove user from the welcome screen- By selecting this user account will be removed from the welcome screen.

You can make all these changes with a click in the check boxes available. To apply and confirm these settings, press Save changes. Once you click, a successful pop-up message box will show as the confirmation.

You can also change the user account picture by clicking on the Change picture button available on the interface itself. After selecting, a pop-up will be displayed from where you can browse your favorite picture and set the new picture to center, crop or stretch.

To manage your user accounts the Quick user manager lets you easily change the password. By pressing the Set Password button, it will show a box from where you can change the password by entering the current and new password. This application also lets you create or delete new existing accounts.

To create multiple user accounts or modify existing accounts this program will be very helpful for you.

Quick User Manager free download

Click here to download and manage your user accounts easily and quickly.