Manage passwords in Internet Explorer using Credential Manager

Windows 8 makes managing passwords in Internet Explorer 11/10 easy. It does so by automatically letting you store and retrieve passwords for all the websites and applications you use – and that too in a secure manner. If you wish to manage your passwords in Internet Explorer, you can do so as follows:

Manage passwords in Internet Explorer 11

Open Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Content tab. Under AutoComplete, click on Settings.

In the AutoComplete Settings box, click on Manage Passwords.

This will open the Windows Credential Manager. The Credential Manager helps you store credentials such as user names and passwords in a single, convenient place. These credentials, which you use to sign in to websites or other PCs on a network, are saved in special folders on your PC. Windows can securely access these folders and use your stored credentials to automatically sign you in to websites or other PCs.

Web Credentials in Credential Manager

In Windows 8, the Credential Manager stores  one more type of credential, called as the  Web Credentials, apart from the Windows Credentials, called Windows Vault in Windows 7.  Web Credentials helps Internet Explorer 10 to store your web passwords securely. The Credential Manager manages your credentials using the Credential Locker service, which creates and maintains a secure storage area on the local computer that stores user names and passwords the user saved from websites and Windows 8 apps.

In the Credential Manager, under Web Credentials, you will be able to see all your stored web passwords. To see the passwords behind the asterisks mark, you can click on Show. Windows will ask you for your login password to verify your identity.


Once done, the password will be exposed. If you want, you can also remove the stored password/s by clicking on Remove.

Read: How to manage Stored User Names and Passwords.

While you can add, backup, restore Windows Credentials, there is no way to add or edit Web Credentials. Microsoft recently enumerated the changes it incorporated in Password Policy and Autocomplete Forms in Internet Explorer 11, to reduce the confusion in users about their passwords being recalled on one site but not another. Check this post to see how Internet Explorer 11 now stores Passwords.

Go here if your Credential Manager is not working properly in Windows 8 and here if you are looking for free password managers for Windows.

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  1. Terry Dalton

    Like to have the option to save and or print my web Credentials mainly for of site security, Is this possible?

    I upgrade and format my PC fairly often and having access to this would be nice.
    Having all this on a password protected thumb drive or other media would really be great.

    Be nice to be able to take a thumb drive loaded with your data and us it on.. for example a family members PC (Public would be to risky, but a family member or other trusted PC it would be useful.

    Can’t find any way to capture the data other than numerous screen shots, but that’s not very useful.

    Guess I could type it all into a .doc, but would prefer a more secure and portable method.

  2. kandha

    m using ie 10 , I can save passwords but I don’t have “manage saved passwords” me out

  3. NK Boss

    If my computer infects with virus……then can such virus see my passwords……………?????

  4. mdwebneck

    DITTO that button [MANAGE SAVED PASSWORDS] does not exist in my IE10 {10.0.9200.16618} either

  5. nampilot68

    Above in the “Credential Manager” frame it shows the options “Web Credentials” and “Windows Credentials.” My Credential Manager shows ONLY “Windows Vault,” and there is no other choice, and only network credentials are shown, i.e. for my printer, router, DSL modem.

  6. No, I don’t think you can print them. But you could take its screenshot, and use Paint to print the output. I will be posting a tutorial on this within a week.

  7. AmarilloGuy

    And how in the world would a dumb user find his saved passwords in Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 7 box? I’ve searched google for over 2 hours and have been unable to find where MS hides the passwords. When you go to IE 11 / Internet Options / Content / Auto Complete/ Settings, there is no password option to manage passwords!!!!! The Microsoft website was worthless, again. I went to Credentials Manager and it says there are no windows credentials, and it doesn’t show anything that looks like Internet Explorer credentials. Thanks.

  8. Maybe one of these tools will help you: Try IE Pass View or WebBrowserPassView.

  9. GoogleLeadMeHere

    In windows 7 under IE11 you cannot manage passwords, you must delete all of them or none of them, found the answer on microsoft’s site.

  10. Kyle Lyles

    Even worse, when a website is placed under Windows Credentials, it cannot be moved to the correct Web Credentials. Windows keeps getting worse every dot release and less customer focused.

  11. Fremontt

    Hello, I’m trying to see my Log Ins and Password. When I go to the Autocomplete settings there is no Manage Password button. If I go into the Credential Manager, there are no Web Passwords and no where to go to see them. I running Win7 32 bit and IE 11. It saves and stores them fine. I can’t go and edit them.
    Please help me out. Thx,

  12. Doreen Smith

    It would save time and energy if only there was the facility to be able to print our stored passwords!

  13. Debby Glennon

    i am being hacked with credential manager .. there is a sspop and a virtual did/logical logging on no matter how i change my password… they cant write but they can move my cursor and change my destination and of course i assume they use my internet
    can you help please?

  14. Guest

    i don’t want to store my windows credentials under basic authentication.. once authenticated with user the the credentials are stored into windows credentials manager by default and i can’t do that removing credentials every time from credentials manager , can anyone tell me how i can do this ..:(

  15. kev

    i have IE 11 there is no MANAGE PASSWORDS when i open the box

  16. kev

    stupid dumb pathetic IE gggrrrr.

    but i have to use it for a certain site and i have saved my password to it, but cannot discover what it is!

  17. Ramalingam

    Or Chrome_Browser can import the saved passwords from IE and manage them !!

  18. Ian Hecox

    Why my com don’t have Web Credentials

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