Manage Cloud Storage accounts and services with CarotDAV

With users migrating from Windows PC’s to Smartphones and tablets, there was a need to have a common location to store files. This gave birth to cloud accounts which could be accessed from any device. So with storage spaces moving towards clouds there came a need for an application, that could connect to your remote file storage accounts and manage your files and folders. CarotDav is the right application that can help you to manage multiple cloud accounts and servers.

Portable CarotDAV is a multiple file sharing for Windows, which allows you to manage your cloud accounts, stored in your system such as DropBox, Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive or SugarSync. It also supports various settings like drag and drop, variety of sorting and grouping retail, and file transfer window.

Manage your cloud accounts

Since CarotDAV is portable you can copy the file to any location and run the application by just one click to manage your cloud accounts.

CarotDAV review

Some of the main features of the applications are as follows:

  1. Allows downloading and uploading files
  2. You can easily cut, copy, paste, rename, and delete files
  3. Supports drag and drop for file downloads and uploads
  4. You can create a password and protect the program
  5. Clean User Interface which is easy to understand
  6. The application is responsive and relatively lightweight
  7. Standalone portable version available

Manage cloud storage accounts

CarotDAV sports a very basic and simple UI.

CarotDAVThese are the options you get to see under the File menu. To manage your cloud accounts, all you need to click on File > New connection and select any drive from the list.

 Manage your cloud accounts Suppose you select Google Drive, this will open tabs with various setting options.

Manage your cloud accounts

Next, click on Authorize tab which will open another pop up window, there will be a link in this window to authorize CarotDAV and provide access to your account.

Manage your cloud accounts Open the link and it brings you to a webpage where you can allow or deny access to your Google Drive account.

Once you click on Accept tab, you will be given a unique verification code which you can enter in the text box back in the CarotDAV application window. Lastly, click on OK button and manage your cloud accounts.

If you are working with some important files or data, it is necessary to set a password to the application. CarotDAV allows you to set a master password. To do this, click on Tool > Set a master password and you can protect your data.

To download and upload files and manage your cloud accounts, CarotDAV is the right application to work with. The application works well and it’s easy to navigate. Features like drag and drop are always convenient and easy to use. Click here to download 1.4MB software. The application is available in both installer and portable version. After installation, you can run the file directly or extract all files to a temporary folder and then use it.

You might want to check out Jolicloud and MultCloud too.

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    Thanks for sharing the information. I will definitely go through them 🙂

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    Check out – I was invited to their beta (which they’re still in) but after almost a year with jolicloud it took one day with Agora to realize this is the future of file management. Hope this helps.

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