Complete Tutorial: Customize Windows 7 UI to make it look like Windows 8 UI


  1. How to get icons as shown in the Zetro UI screens…??
    Rest all is working fine….

  2. Nice Tutorial! Can you please add my app Pulmon (Optional) as a replacement for Omnimo. Its a start screen for Windows 7

  3. To: ShyamS@TWC
    This is a great article! Love but it’ll be more appreciate if maybe you could also include steps HOWTO: uninstall or revert-back to original, previous state other than just using system restore. You might also include some technical review of the theme.

    Thank you for the tutorial and more power to ‘TheWindowsClub’!

  4. Hello Verum_est,

    Create a System Restore point before you make any changes so you could revert it back to default settings.

    The steps in this article won’t make changes permanently. For example changing the Start Orb it creates a backup of your original explorer.exe file. Then the theme you can choose the default theme to revert it back. Other software like RainMeter can be uninstalled. IMO the easiest way is to create a restore point and revert it back.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Alternatively you could just wait for Windows 8 to be released whiich would save you messing with files you shouldnt be messing with.
    I like customizing my system but some of these ‘Make it Look Like’ apps are just plain silly I mean the noobs are going to struggle to get their systems back to normal as there is no proper tutorial to explain this to them.

  6. Did that…
    i followed all instruction step by step…

    but after installing Ominmo.. i only have the Windows8 or WP7 style layer on my desktop…!
    Icon around the pc have not change…!

  7. Windows 8 isn’t free you know, nor should you have thought it would be one year ago. Besides, a system restore point could reverse all of it, and that isn’t hard to do.

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