Websites that help you Learn to Code playing Games & having Fun

You can learn to code by having fun and playing games. Yes, you heard it right. Learning in an interactive way helps you to learn a lot in less time. We already posted about some of best websites to learn Coding online and taken a look these Tools and Programs from Microsoft that teach Kids to Code. Today we will talk about five websites that teach you how to code while having fun.

Learn to Code playing Games

Playing games helps you in improving your analytical thinking, and the same strategy can be used to learn to code. Using the right resources always helps us to reach success and here is the list of best websites to learn to code by playing games.

1. Code Monkey

Learn to Code playing Games

Logical thinking plays a vital role in programming. CodeMonkey allows you to learn to code interactively by moving the monkey catch bananas by coding. You would be given small tasks and need to complete them just by giving simple commands. More levels you complete, tougher the tasks will be. Going to higher levels, you need to use less code to complete complex tasks.

2. CodinGame

CodinGame allows you to learn to code using simple commands. It is all about writing a simple program in C++, JavaScript and more which destroys the enemies reaching you. You can start your coding without any registration, but in order to get hints, you need to sign-up for free.

3. CheckIO

CheckIO is really an interactive way to learn JavaScript and Python. You need to destroy your enemy bases before they destroy you and everything should be done through coding. It is like Python vs JavaScript. You need to sign up to use this website to learn to code by playing the game.

4. Elevator Saga

ElevatorSaga helps you to learn how to code using Elevator Challenges like transport 15 people in 60 seconds. It is known as Elevator programming code where you need to solve challenges step by step. It is free to use and does not need any registration.

5. Lenovo Game State

Lenovo Game State lets kids learn to code while playing a game & be automatically entered in a sweepstake for a chance to win prizes. The more you play and code the more your chances to win.

6. Code Combat

code combat website to learn coding

CodeCombat allows you to learn any programming language by playing real time games. It is a project where a lot of students code to create levels. To learn each programming concept, you need to select a respective game. It helps you to learn Java, CoffeeScript, JavaScript and more.

These are some of the best websites that will help you to learn to code by playing games.

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