Learn foreign languages while watching Netflix using this browser extension

While you are hooked up on Netflix watching your favorite movie or web series why not also pick up a few words of a foreign language. Yes, it is possible and you can even surprise your foreign friends by speaking a few sentences of their own language and that too without making use of the Google Translator or any other app.

There’s a new very subtle way of learning new words from Netflix. You only need Mate, an all-in-one translator and available as a browser extension for your Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browser. Here is more about the app.

Mate all-in-one translator for Netflix

Mate is an all-in-one translator for web pages, highlighted text & Netflix subtitles. It can help you easily and effortlessly translate words, phrases, and documents from 103 languages. Mate comes with a comprehensive dictionary and custom curated phrasebook helping you accelerate your language learning with both page translation and optional human translation.

Mate isn’t just for reading and writing but for full language mastery and comprehension. Here is a look at some of its features,


  • Free to use – Mate is free to use
  • Mate teaches 103 languages – Since Netflix subtitles are available in many languages, you can learn a handful of them with the same favorite series. Mate understands 103 languages and also teaches you how to pronounce correctly. It shows phonetic transcription, transliteration and can speak out words and texts with correct accent.
  • Easy to use – Came across an unfamiliar word while reading an article on the Internet? Don’t worry, just select any text on any webpage, press a shortcut and see the translation in an unobtrusive window right on the same page.
  • Access to Translation Window – If you need to type in some text by yourself and translate it? Just open the Mate pop-up window by clicking on the icon next to your browser address bar.
  • Translates full page – Mate can translate entire web pages with just a mouse-click! Just select “Translate this page” in the context menu on any page to see it translated to your language.
  • Synchronization – Mate synchronizes across all your devices. All your translation & dictionary data will be automatically synchronized between all your devices where you are using Mate.
  • Custom words list – Mate allows you to create custom word lists with your favorite words. Just give our Mate Phrasebook a try. Easily create & curate word lists which are available even offline. This is useful if you are a language learner or traveler to a new country and need to have their word lists always by your side.

Using Mate Browser Extension for Netflix

1] If you are a Chrome user, go to the Chrome web store and click on “Add extension”.

Mate Chrome Browser Extension for Netflix

2] You will be prompted to select the language which you want to translate to, select your option and click “Continue”. This will add Mate extension to your Chrome browser.


3] Mate extension icon is now added to your Chrome browser located the right upper corner of your browser window as shown below.


4] Now, while watching Netflix, click on words or select phrases in Netflix subtitles to translate in your selected language. Note that when you click on a word in the subtitles, the video is automatically paused. You can save the word to practice later or continue watching easily.

Netflix 6

You can make use of the speak-out feature to hear the translated word or phrase and learn pronunciation by clicking on the Speaker icon as shown below.


You can also save words and phrases to your phrasebook for your future reference. When you click on that Save button in the Mate’s tooltip, stocked vocabulary gets categorized by series and episode names.


Mate’s translations are precise, they show up with useful synonyms. Its speak-out feature and phonetic transcription come in handy as a pronunciation aid.



Mate’s approach to learning new languages is unique and fun-filled. Watching movies and series is a soothing and efficient way to virtually immerse yourself in the environment of the language you set out to learn. Thus, you learn a lot of vocabulary and pick up new grammatical structures.

A real bonus is that Mate allows you not only translate words but also practice them. You can download Mate for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Edge browser from matetranslate.com.

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