Kid3 Music Tag Editor lets you easily add music tags on Windows PC

You’re a music lover, right? In that case, maybe many of the tunes in your collection have similar tags or none at all. You might be wondering if there’s a way to easily edit these tags once and for all. Well, wonder no more little one, we’ve got your back. Alright, so we’ve been casually browsing the web recently, and surprisingly, we came across a tool known as Kid3. At first, the name had us believing this as a Windows 10 application for children, but such is not the case. Instead, this is a program for editing audio tags, and from what we’ve gathered, it supports formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, OGG, MPC, AIFF, AAC, WavPack, Opus, TrueAudio, Speex and tracker modules.

Kid3 Music Tag Editor for Windows PC

Because it’s a portable app, there’s nothing to install; and since we’re lazy, that’s something we like very much.

1] Import files

Kid3 Music Tag Editor for Windows PC

If you have the file you want to import into Kid3, then this is what you’ll want to do. To get to it, click on File, and then Import. From there, you can seek out the audio tag files you want to edit and work your magic.

Interestingly enough, it’s possible to connect to a server and import files to your computer. Amazon, MusicBrainz, and TrackType are some of the supported here. However, you could simply select Automatic Import if you use more than just one of the options.

2] Tools

The tools section is where you’ll find a lot of goodies to play around with. From here you can rename the directory, apply filename format, apply text encoding, apply tag format, and more.

Quite frankly, there’s a lot here for folks to play around with, and that’s nice. It really goes to show the amount of work the developers put into creating Kid3.

3] Settings

From the settings area, the user can configure quite a lot to make Kid3 work in the way they want it to. Folks can change how tags work, decide how to handle files, choose the best user action, select their favorite plugins, an even change how keyboard shortcuts work.

Additionally, if the appearance if the entire tool doesn’t fit into how you want it to be, then this can be changed with a few clicks of the mouse. Now, a single click can restore the settings to their default state, so that’s good. You can download Kid3 via the official website.

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