JoyRide Turbo Local Multiplayer is not working on Xbox One

JoyRide Turbo is one of the most fun video games available on the Xbox One today. It’s not the best you’ll ever play, and since it came out back in 2012, the graphics and gameplay are a bit dated. However, that does nothing to diminish the fun factor. One of the best aspects of the game is its multiplayer action because it’s where the player gets the chance to compete against other real-life opponents from around the world. Racers must do whatever it takes to win, and you know what? It’s easier said than done.

JoyRide Turbo Local Multiplayer not working on Xbox One

JoyRide Turbo Local Multiplayer not working on Xbox One

For those who might have no idea, JoyRide Turbo supports local multiplayer, and some owners of the title are having problems signing in a second player as a guest. Apparently, an error pops up saying the guest is unable to connect to Xbox Live, so right away we have a big problem that needs fixing.

  1. Create a guest account from outside of the game
  2. How to remove guest accounts
  3. Create a new Microsoft account
  4. Information about privacy

1] Create a guest account from outside of the game

OK, so bear in mind that JoyRide Turbo is an Xbox 360 game that runs on the Xbox One via an emulator. That means, things might not work as intended while the game and the emulator are running. With this in mind, we suggest creating a guest account before launching the game.

To create a guest account, sign into the console then hit the Xbox button on the controller. Select the option that says Sign In and then Add Guest. If you’re the type of person with multiple guests, then follow the same procedure to add more.

2] How to remove guest accounts

If you want to remove a guest account after a set time, then you’ll want to open the guide by pressing the Xbox button. Moving forward, we want you to hit the Home option, then highlight the gamerpic of the guest account you want to get rid of.

Choose the account, then hit the A button on the controller, and finally, select Sign Out.

3] Create a new Microsoft Account

We’ve come to understand that another way to get around the issue here, is to create an all-new Microsoft Account for the guest user. Simply visit Microsoft Account to create a new one, and be sure to follow all instructions to get the job done.

After that, add the account to the Xbox One, and you’re good to go. From there, attempt to play multiplayer locally again to see if everything works accordingly because it should.

4] Information about privacy and other stuff

Bear in mind that all guest accounts share the same privacy settings as the host. Now, if there are other members who are signed in, the guest account will then gain the same privacy settings as the member account with the most restrictive settings.

If you’re worried about guest accounts using your saved credit card to purchase games or other items from the Xbox Store, well, don’t. Nothing of the sort is shared with guest accounts; therefore, at no time should these account holders be able to make a purchase on your behalf.

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