iTunes not working on Windows 10


  1. Is there any reason to run the Microsoft Store version of iTunes instead of the version you download from Apple?

  2. Hi
    I’ve been following your blog from few days.
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  3. One click install/deinstall
    No registry pollution
    Auto updates
    More secure as it’s running in a sandbox
    No additional services
    Live Tile

    Should I go on? 😉

  4. But does it have the same functionality? Some of these Metro apps seem a bit watered-down from the more “conventional” versions. Of course, I could always download it and see for myself! One big annoyance of iTunes is how often it wants to update itself.

  5. To be clear, these are not “Metro apps”. This iTunes for example is the same full blown application as the one you download from Apple. With the difference being it’s “converted” to a store app. But basically it’s the same application.

  6. The app gets pretty poor reviews in Microsoft Store, though that may not mean anything since iTunes seems to be one of those universally hated programs.

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