Fix: Internet Explorer back button not working properly

Maybe I missed it, but some users seem to be facing an issue on Internet Explorer 10, that their Back Button does not work at times. In fact,researching a bit on the Internet, I found that many appear to be facing this problem since its release ,and the problem is still being faced by Internet Explorer 10 users as is evident from this forum post. Well, till such a time that Microsoft does release a working fix for it, if you are facing the Internet Explorer 10 back button not working properlyproblem, you may use Alt+Left keyboard combination to go back or try these troubleshooting steps.

Internet Explorer 10 back button not working properly

Before you proceed, run Windows Update and make sure you have all the latest updates installed.

1] Start Internet Explorer 10 in no add-ons mode and see if it makes the issue go away. Open an elevated CMD, type iexplore.exe -extoff and hit Enter to open Internet Explorer in No Add-ons mode.

To isolate the problematic browser add-on, you can use IE’s Manage Add-ons feature. Disable add-ons one by one and see if any of the installed add-ons are responsible for creating this problem.

2] Turn off and Turn on Internet Explorer and see if it helps

Internet Explorer 10 back button not working properly

Open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off. Now uncheck the Internet Explorer 10 box. Click OK. Once the uninstall is over, restart your computer. Now again open this setting and this time check the Internet Explorer box and restart your computer.

3] Reset Internet Explorer

If you find that your Internet Explorer is not working the way you want to, you can easily reset Internet Explorer settings to default. This is called the RIES feature of IE. Check this post if you think you need to repair Internet Explorer.

4] Uninstall Internet Explorer 10

Open Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features > Installed Updates. Look for Windows Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows. Right-click Windows Internet Explorer (I think it should be KB2718695), and then click Uninstall. Once the process is over, restart PC to finish uninstalling. The previous version of IE will be restored.

Use this option if you want to uninstall Internet Explorer and revert back to the previous version of your IE. It is not possible to completely uninstall the version of IE with which your Windows was shipped. This way, you uninstall the later versions and revert back to the previous version.

Hope something helps!

While I have not faced this problem, I would like to know if any of you have.

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  1. Rune

    This problem never happend to me but since IE10 was installed on my computer via MS Update, my computer freezes totaly. Only thing to do is a restart by turning it off via the Power button. This happens randomly, in one week it maybe happens 3-4 times, and sometimes also the log in screen don’t work either, when I click on my Icon to log in the password box never shows up, just an empty screen. I tried to search on Internet to know if there is an solution, but so far I have not found anything.

  2. Hmm…I don’t think IE10 installation may have had anything to do with Windows freezing – IE freezes – I could have maybe understood.

    Could you check if any unwanted crapware have crept on to your computer? Also check for unwanted addons on your IE.

    I suggest you full-scan your PC with your antivirus software.

    Perhaps you would like to see these posts later:

  3. Christopher Schaffer

    The back button works perfectly. However, the problem is that the browsing history is being populated with ads…the URL is usually something like:, with that last section changing. Your “back” list will be populated with so many of these that you’ll never get to where you think you should be on back. BUT, your browsing history will not show this activity.
    Next time when your Back Button “isn’t working”, right-click on the button to display the list.

  4. I think you have made a very valid point. Thanks for this!

  5. Bill Gates

    Whoa this is really anoying, why VS2010 aspx net sites are not working with IE10? Fail.

  6. No Mercy

    That makes sense now, I have noticed that it’s only certain sites, and almost always the ones inundated with ads that use flash or shockwave. In some cases I’ve noticed that the back button is actually disabled, and if you right-click, ‘Back’ on the menu is disabled, which makes me think it’s a script on the page. So this may not in fact be an issue with IE, but instead a deliberate annoyance created by the site and ad developers, because you know, being constantly bombarded with intrusive ads wasn’t annoying enough to begin with. Pretty soon web pages will be only ads and you will have to hunt through them for the tiny space that contains the actual content you’re looking for. Sad.

  7. jeff

    best solution is just go ahead and double click the back button so it skips the ad.

  8. Christopher Schaffer

    AdblockPlus. Disable Enhanced Protection Mode first.

  9. AmMo

    I am facing this problem but only with .pdf pages. not fixed by disabling add-ons, or Alt+Left option. no ads in the .pdf pages to causes this either

  10. Wiski

    I am as well with IE 11! Only with .pdf’s

  11. chromefox

    Why bother with all this? A much simpler solution is just to use another web browser until MS bothers to fix it.

  12. gdumps25

    Found a web site with two types of links. first one opens with tabs but disables back and forward buttons. second opens with no tabs and no back or forward buttons.

    1. CMAC Weather Station


    appears to me that the full screen mode is out of wack for the Document Model functions.

  13. yo

    not a freakin’ solution; I find myself having to triple click or worse sometimes; internet explorer just sucks; yes the website sucks too; but this doesn’t happen on chrome, therefore internet explorer sucks with it because they don’t care about user experience “it’s the websites fault, it’s the internet’s fault” typical msft b.s. forced to use IE at work; when I installed chrome they said it wasn’t allowed and I had to give a valid business reason other than IE sucks.

  14. jo

    oh my god, I must be trained to do this now. I just realized after I posted my previous comment on this very website I tried to go back and guess what…I had to frantically hit the back button to get back to google… but don’t over shoot backward because then you might overshoot forward and be right back where you started! This is why people go crazy! Don’t worry apple sucks also. Just before this I was googling why the audio wasn’t working on my wife’s gps. She is travelling on business, and having to look down at her phone while driving. Turns out the damn thing doesn’t work while plugged in; forums all over complaining saying you have to do all of these work-arounds. She was already stressed about her phone dying and getting a rental car with usb. ot much has changed, most software still sucks, because humans write crappy code because their software illiterate bosses give them unreasonable deadlines. ok I’m done ranting. thank you

  15. Sam

    me too. tres frustrating if I forget to open in a new window or didn’t realise it was a pdf before I clicked. Doesn’t matter how quickly or often I hit the back button it flashes the google address then stays right on the page I was on. Angry Making!

  16. Sam

    No choice when you’re on a work computer chappy…..

  17. Thuraisingham Sri Skantha Raja

    It is simple. This happens only on Google searches only. I removed the Google website from the Compatibility view setting. Open IE, go to Tools, compatibility view setting, and remove Google web site.
    That’s it.

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