InstantGo Power State in Windows 10/8.1

InstantGo in Windows 10/8.1, replaces the Connected Standby of Windows 8. The feature as we all know defined how a device could handle sleep mode since it allowed devices to run continually and keep alive the network connection even when pushed into the sleep mode.

The very advantage of the feature ensured that emails keep flowing and notifications don’t stop or blurred out even in the semi-conscious sleep state – and so on. All that was needed was a mouse-click from a user to wake-up the device and everything was there to view.

InstantGo in Windows 10/8.1

Following the launch of Windows 8.1, InstantGo was introduced in Windows 8.1, replacing Connected Standby. Similar to Connected Standby, InstantGo maintains network connectivity when the screen was turned off. However, it permits the system to update things in the background, and resume its job whenever required. All this is done primarily to save battery power, as power consumption in the mode was minimum yet, ready to spring back into action on any given command.


Having said that, It becomes essential, at this point to clear some air about InstantGo misconceptions that resides in the minds of many computer users. First, InstantGo is only available on Surface Pro and Surface 2. This is far from the truth, as numerous systems support InstantGo. Examples include Dell Venue Pro 8, Dell Venue Pro 11, Asus T100TA, ThinkPad Tablet 2, Surface, Surface 2, and others too, support InstantGo.

Second, InstantGo runs exclusively on Windows RT. Not true! All Windows RT systems support InstantGo. But Windows 8 and Windows 8.x systems with the proper hardware may also support InstantGo.

From the above statements, one can infer that InstantGo is not limited to a particular form factor (tablet or laptop), or a particular architecture (ARM, x64, or x86).

Does my device support InstantGo

One might be curious to know if their device supports InstantGo or not. Here’s the explanation in brief. InstantGo requires Windows RT, Windows 8, or any of the updates released after Windows 8, as well as tightly integrated hardware and software.

To check if your device supports it or not run the powercfg option from a command prompt. When you type powercfg/a and press Enter, you’ll see the Standby (Connected) option only if you have InstantGo.

InstantGo in Windows 8.1

With the addition of this new feature or power state – InstantGo, you may expect your Windows 10/8.1 computers to have longer battery life and resume faster from sleep, says Microsoft.

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  1. Mary

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  3. Calm down

    it comes when you actually download the windows software but it will only activate itself if your computer/laptop/tablet has the capability to. you cant download it, its inbuilt into the actual software

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    how do i get it

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    How do you download windows software and instantgo? I keep researching it but cannot find the answers

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    Donde descargo InstantGo?

  7. LILhelper

    Instant Go / Connected Standby is built into HARDWARE, you cant download it, your PC either supports it or not. Not a software but a hardware feature!

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