How to Insert, Move or Delete Page Breaks in an Excel Worksheet

Microsoft Excel worksheets are very helpful in keeping data organized and fluid. It’s very easy to move or shift things around in a worksheet especially if you know how to manipulate data using Excel. Page Breaks refer to the separators that mark the division of each page when printing.

When you use Excel, the page breaks are actually inserted automatically depending on the paper size, scale, and margin options. Well, if in case the default settings won’t work with your requirements or preferences then you can opt to insert the page breaks manually. This is very helpful especially if you are printing tables and would need to know the exact number of pages needed or where you separate documents.

Here are the steps to follow when you want to insert, move, or delete page breaks in a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Insert a Page Break in Excel

Open View tab and go to the Workbook Views tab and then click on Page Break Preview.

Choose the column or row that you would want to insert the page break.Insert, Move or Delete Page Breaks in Excel

Go to Page Layout tab and then click on Breaks found under the Page Setup tab. Finally, click on Insert Page Break.Insert Page Break on MS Excel

When you have inserted the page break on the desired location but would still want to change or delete the page breaks that were set up, just click on View from the drop down menu and then choose Page Break Preview. Under Page Break Preview, you can now drag freely each page breaks. Drag the page break right onto the edge of the preview if ever you want to change or delete chosen page breaks.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to create a vertical page break:

1] Place the cell pointer to highlight Row 1 to the right of the column where you would want to place the page break on.

2] Go to Excel menu and then choose Insert Page Break option. You will then see a vertical line on your worksheet which indicates where exactly the page will break.

If you want to make a horizontal page break, here’s what you do:

1] Place the cell pointer in Column A or the row right below the row in which you would want to the insert the page break on.

2] Go to the Excel menu, and then select Insert Page Break. You will see a horizontal line across the worksheet which indicates where the page will break.

When you check on the Page Break Preview option under the status bar, you will see the actual result or where the page breaks would appear once the document is printed out. This will also show the changes you made to the document.

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Move a Page Break in Excel

1] Click the File tab and then on Options.

2] Among the tabs on the left-hand side, click on Advanced and check the box corresponding to Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop. Insert, Move or Delete Page Breaks in Excel

3] Open the worksheet you wish to modify.

4] Click on View and then on Page Break Preview.

5] To move a Page Break, just drag it to a new location.

Delete a Page Break in Excel

1] On the View tab, click on Page Break Preview.

2] Select the row or column of the page break you intend to delete.

3] Go to the Page Layout Tab and click on Breaks. Select Remove Page Break. It will delete the page break you selected earlier.

Hope this helps!

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