Customize the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel to make it work for you

The Quick Access Toolbar provides the speed and precision that you need in creating accurate reports. Manipulating this app to work to your advantage is all in your hand. Without the proper customization, Microsoft Excel’s Quick Access Toolbar will only have these basic options – to save, redo, and undo reports.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

You can readily use the Quick Access Toolbar with the following options:

Option 1: Right click the Quick Access Toolbar and then choose option Customize the Quick Access Toolbar from the menu.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

Option 2: Select and click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon.

Option 3: Click File on the Ribbon then click on Options, choose Quick Access Toolbar.

When you have access to Excel Options, the Quick Access Toolbar is now ready to customize according to your preferences.

Quick Access Toolbar Menu

Here’s a quick and comprehensive guide on how you can customize your Excel experience with the use of the Quick Access Toolbar:

1] Adding a command with the use of the Ribbon.

Once on the ribbon, just click on the tab with your preferred command. Right click to select the command you want to add then from the dropdown list, choose to Add to Quick Access Toolbar.Add to Quick Access Toolbar

2] Adding a command to Quick Access Toolbar

1] Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon.

2] Choose and click on More Commands at the dropdown list.More Commands in Quick Access Toolbar

3] Click on Choose Commands From, and the Choose Commands Not in the Ribbon from the dropdown list.

4] Select the command that you want to be added.

5] Click Add to move the command on the Quick Access Toolbar.

6] Click OK to complete.

While customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, you will encounter a huge selection of commands. By default, the Popular Commands list is prioritized and displayed first. Other commands have sorting options that are divided by tabs. Select All Commands to see all lists of commands you can use for Excel.

3] Reordering commands.

1] You can regroup chosen commands by doing a right click on the Quick Access Toolbar and then choose Customize the Quick Access Toolbar.

2] Select Commands option under Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu.Reordering commands in Quick Access Toolbar

3] Click on Up or Down arrow selection found on the right of the command list so you can move up and down to select commands you want to regroup.

4] Click OK to finish.

When you create a grouping, you put a border on a particular set of commands which provides fences or relationships in sections. These borders or fences are also referred to as Separators.

You can add the separators by doing these steps:

1] Select and right click on Quick Access Toolbar.

2] Select the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar option.

3] Under the Choose Commands menu, choose Separator found at the top of the list.

4] Click to select Add to be added on the toolbar.

5] Control the menu by moving the Up and Down arrow keys to place the Separators.

6] Click OK to finish.

You can choose to stack on a number of Separators at one time depending on your requirements and preferences.

The Quick Access Toolbar should be speedy enough for you to use. This is designed to be savvy and fast; as the name suggests. You can use keyboard shortcuts to manipulate commands with minimal effort and less time. Just use the ALT key together with the number key associated with a particular function or command when you touch the mouse. You can reorder these commands to increase functionality and efficiency with every click.

Hope this helps!

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