How to easily export Excel Charts as Images

Microsoft Excel is the widely used spreadsheet application because of it’s amazing features. It allows us to use attractive charts to give the complete information in an easy way. Sharing an Excel file is what we generally do, but sometimes we want to share only charts we use in Excel sheet. You may want to use these Excel charts in other Office applications or it might be for any purpose. There may be several ways to do so, but I will let you know about the best and easy way to export Excel charts as images. Read the article to know how it can be done easily – but before that let us see what most of us do to extract charts as images from Excel.

Exporting Excel Charts as Images

export Excel Charts as Images

Extract Excel Charts to other Office applications

As discussed earlier one of the use case was, you want to use the Excel charts in any other Office applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint.

What we generally do is right-click on the end of the chart and select “Copy”. Clicking on the edge makes sure that entire chart gets selected and not only part of it. Now, the chart gets copied to your clipboard.

copy excel chart

Now, let us say you want to insert it into Microsoft Word. Then, we would open Word document, click on “Paste” and then click on “Picture” under “Paste Options”. You could see that Excel chart has been pasted as a normal image in the Word document, and you can resize it even as you need.

paste excel chart in word document

It is easy to insert one or two Excel charts as images in other Office applications. But, what if you want to insert several charts as images? This trick does not work in such cases.

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Use Paint to Save Excel Charts as Images

If you want to extract Excel chart as an image directly without using it in any other Office application, then Paint would be the best option. You can choose any image editing application, but as Paint is readily available, let us use that.

Copy the chart from Excel as explained above, launch Paint and press “CTRL+V” to paste the copied chart into Paint and crop it as you want. Now, click

Now, click File > Save As and choose the appropriate image format. Give it a name and saves it as an image. Now, you can share this image and use it anywhere you want. But, this also does not look simple if you want to extract

Now, you can share this image and use it anywhere you want. But, this also does not look simple if you want to extract several Excel charts as images.

Convert Excel Chart to Images by saving Workbook as Webpage

The previously discussed two methods will not help if you want to export all Excel charts as images. The easy way to do so is to save entire workbook as a Webpage. By doing so, Excel will export all charts in the workbook as images, and you can use them right away.

To do so, go to File > Save As. In ‘Save As’ window, select the location where you want to save the workbook and give it a name. Now, the

Now, the important part is select “Web Page (*.htm,*.html)” in under “Save as type” and make sure that you select “Entire Workbook” under “Save” option. Click on “Save” button to save the workbook as Webpage and ignore any compatibility messages.

Click on “Save” button to save the workbook as Webpage and ignore any compatibility messages.

save workbook as webpage

Go to the location where you have saved this Webpage Archive. You will see ‘.htm’ file and a folder with the same name with “_files” appended to it.

saved webpage archive

Open this folder and you will see HTML, CSS and image files. These image files are nothing but charts used in all Excel sheets in the saved workbook. You will see a copy of every image – one is of full resolution, and other is of reduced resolution so that you can use it in any blog post.

excel charts as images

This way of saving the workbook as a web page helps you to export all Excel charts as images in a simple way.

Hope you all liked this simple trick. If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

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