How to import iTunes Music and Playlist to Groove Music on Windows 10

Xbox Music has been rebranded to Groove Music in Windows 10. The service is much of the same when compared to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but the app is better overall. The design is clear, but one of the things we liked is the option to import music from iTunes.

In Groove Music, users can choose where to look for music when it is time to import. This can be a bit of an issue with iTunes for some people since the Apple made music program usually uses its own music folder to store content rather than the default in Windows 10.

Import iTunes Music & Playlist to Groove Music

Import iTunes Music & Playlist to Groove Music

Let’s talk about how to get around this minor problem.

Open Groove Music and click on the settings button in the lower left corner. When the “Settings” pane opens up, click on “Choose where we look for music” under “Music on this PC.”

Tap the plus sign right away and navigate to the following path:

This PC\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music

Press the button that says “Add this folder to Music” to continue with the importing process.

Pointing Grove Music to your iTunes folder will make it a lot easier for the Microsoft music app to grab aby audio content added to iTunes, whether it be podcasts or music, everything should show up, well, not exactly.

Every music lover knows that it is easier to find and listen to all the favorite tracks by creating a Playlist or several. Chances are, you might have quite a few Playlists situated in iTunes and would love for them to feature in Groove Music. Well then, fret not my child, we’re here to help.

Return to the Groove Music app, then back to the “Settings” area. You should see, “Import iTunes playlists” under “Music on this PC.” In the dialog, we recommend hitting “import” and just sit back as it all falls into place.

It is that easy to import audio content from iTunes to Groove Music. We hope it continues to work for a long time because Apple is known for breaking things in order to keep its users from switching to another music program or device.

Let’s hope good sense prevail here, or else we’ll have to find other means to import iTunes content to Groove Music.

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