ImBatch : Free Batch Image Processing Software For Windows

ImBatch is a Windows freeware for batch image processing. With this tool, you can convert, re-size,  rotate as well as perform other operations on a bunch of images in a single operation – i.e. in batch mode.

Free Batch Image Processing Software

Batch Image Processing Software

There are two important features of ImBatch which makes it one of the better image processing tools. First of all, its user-friendly interface makes the whole experience better and second is its task bar, which consists of a various interesting features.

The task structure of the taskbar lets user make a processing sequence. The imaging functions are known as Tasks in ImBatch. You can resize, convert or apply water mark on images using this software. You can define task lists in its task bar. You can also change the order of the tasks mentioned in the list as well as add some tasks more than once. Some tasks can be turned off or on or can be included or excluded as per your requirement. Some task parameters can be hidden showing only the necessary ones. And the best part is, you can undo or re-do all the changes made in the task list.

ImBatch can perform nearly 20 different operations on images which are typically needed by us, and can handle all  image formats including MP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, PIX, JP2, J2K, PSD, WDP and HDP. 


ImBatch also comes  with 3 official plugins namely JBig, DCRaw and ImageMagick that extend the number of supported image file formats. If you enable all these plugins, ImBatch supports more than 100 image file formats, including the RAW ones received from many digital cameras.

Imbatch 3

Another feature is Live Preview’  When you perform all necessary operations of the image, you certainly want to see how will be the resulting image. This freeware lets you see the resulting image whenever you perform an active task. Preview window automatically updates all the changes that you make.

Integration with Windows Shell Context Menu

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ImBatch lets you to integrate commands to Windows context menu. Users can process images with different operations or tasks and saved in BSV file format directly from Windows Explorer.


In order to enhance the functions of  features, users can also use command line parameters.

ImBatch uses:

ImBatch.exe [-h] [-b “SavedTasksFile.bsv”] [-i “ImageFiles”] [-r] [-c]

Parameter Description
-h Does not show ImBatch’s main window. In this mode, if you don’t also set -r parameter, ImBatch will not work and automatically terminate after the start.
-b “SavedTasksFile.bsv” Automatically loads tasks from SavedTasksFile.bsv file.
-i “ImageFiles” Automatically loads images, specified in ImageFiles part. ImageFiles must be quoted and separated by commas without any spaces.
-r Automatically runs batch image processing.
-c Automatically closes ImBatch on finish.

If you wish, you can change the appearance for ImBatch using any one of its built-in Skins. You can make the tool look the way you want. It supports different skins like Winter 2003, Windows 8, Mac OS2, Android OS, Afterburner and Internal (Office 2007 Black).


If you often feel the need to frequently resize, rotate, edit, convert, flip, watermark a bunch of images or add effects or carry out operations like soft shadow, round corners, color conversions, gray effects, set or remove tags, shift time, color adjustments, add Gaussian Blur, Inner Shadow, 3D conversion, motion blur, etc, I think you will like this freeware.

ImBatch free download

You can download ImBatch from its home page.

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