Free Icecream PDF Editor for Windows 10/8/7

PDF is unarguably the most popular document format these days. PDFs are hard to edit and can be viewed on any device without any compatibility issues. Which makes them a perfect format for sharing documents across the internet. In this post, we’ve covered a great tool called Icecream PDF Editor that will let you edit your PDF files. Say if you have lost the original Word file from which you created this PDF, you can use this editor to edit the existing PDF itself.

Icecream PDF Editor for Windows

Filled with features and a great UI, this is a complete package to view and edit PDF files. To get started, you can open an existing PDF or start creating one from scratch. Icecream PDF Editor lets you both edit and annotate your PDF files; the features are as discussed below.


Icecream PDF Editor for Windows

Under edit mode, you can practically edit anything in the PDF file. You can select any object, text or image and then edit it. You can edit text, change the font, font size, add colors or align the text. Or you can simply drag and move the entire text section. You can resize the text section as well.

Similarly, you can select an image and move it around. You can also control its opacity. For shaped and other types of objects, you can edit the stroke thickness, color of the object and the opacity. Editing PDFs is very simple and easy using this tool. It is just drag and drop.


Annotate mode will let you annotate and add new things to your PDF file. You can create a text section and type in anything. You can adjust the font, color, size, alignment, etc. Apart from that, you can also create sticky notes to note down something important. Sticky notes can be colored so that you can categorize them for various types of notes that you make.

Icecream PDF Editor also lets you highlight inside your PDF document. You can highlight any area in any color and provide descriptions to those highlights. Descriptions make it possible to track why was a thing highlighted. There is also a separate highlighter available that can help you highlight text.

Moving on, there are annotation tools available that can let you underline, strikeout or wavy underline existing text in your documents. You can also add new shapes like rectangles and circles. Both colors and opacity can be controlled. Furthermore, you can also add new lines with different thickness, colors and opacity.

If you’d like a free tool, then a pencil tool is also available. Anything drawn with the pencil can be later resized and moved anywhere in the document. You can also use the eraser tool to remove anything you created using annotation tools.

Page Management

If you are working with large PDF files, this might be a very useful set of features. You can add new pages to an existing document and, rotate pages or re-arrange them in order. There are two different viewing modes so that you are at most comfort while reading through your documents.

Security and Protection

The tool comes with a good feature that would let your password protect your PDF files. The feature gives you fine control over what you can password protect. Either you can protect a document from both viewing and editing, or you can protect it just from being edited. This is a really good feature from a security perspective.

Icecream PDF Editor is a great, all-in-one PDF viewer and editor. It gives you a good and a complete set of features that can serve your purpose in most of the conditions. Overall a good free PDF editor to rely on.

Click here to download Icecream PDF Editor.

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