How to stop YouTube from recommending videos

YouTube is arguably one of the most popular video streaming service in the world. YouTube has allowed content creators to make a name for themselves and create new businesses. Amidst all the positive stuff, YouTube has been ridiculed for tracking users privacy and preferences. Some of the features rely on your usage pattern, and this might seem intrusive to many.

All said and done; YouTube seems to be working hard to make things relevant to the users. In the recent past, they have been working on improving content discovery, and YouTube Recommendations is an integral part. While the recommendations might help you stumble upon new and interesting content, it is also intrusive, to say the least.

I have run into trouble with YouTube Recommendations many times. The suggestions are often ludicrous and show uninteresting content. Furthermore, this will also spoil the user experience. In this article, we will help you deduce and deal with YouTube recommendations.

Stop YouTube Recommendations

We will discuss four methods by which you can turn off suggested YouTube videos:

  1. Reset YouTube Recommendations
  2. Delete YouTube watch history
  3. Remove YouTube Recommendations completely
  4. Tips for clutter-free YouTube experience.

1] Reset YouTube Recommendations

stop YouTube from recommending videos

Despite running into problems, YouTube recommendations have their advantages. The feature has helped me discover some new and exciting content in the past. As a first step, we will reset the YouTube recommendations and see if it works. The YouTube Recommendations works by taking into account search history and watch history. So let us start by resetting both the parameters,

  • Delete YouTube Search History
  • Click on your account name on the top bar
  • Click on Video Manager (YouTube Studio Beta)
  • Select Clear all search history and Pause search history

Once you have paused the search history, the algorithm will stop basing the suggestions on the search. After clearing the search history and pausing the search history, you will notice that YouTube will start suggesting trending content. The new recommendations/suggestions are usually spot on and will help you with content discovery. You can simply toggle on the “search history” to get back the feature.

Since you have already deleted the watch history, YouTube will not have access to your watching habit. In other words, it’s like starting a new YouTube account with a clean slate!

2] Delete YouTube watch history

Deleting YouTube watch history is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is go to the sidebar and click on Watch History. Lastly, you need to click on Clear all watch history.

3] Remove YouTube Recommendations completely

In the previous section, we explained how you could fine-tune YouTube recommendations to serve your purpose. I prefer ditching YouTube Recommendations in favor of more screen real estate.

Stop YouTube Recommendations

The best way to remove YouTube recommendations would be to use a Chrome browser extension called YouTube Options. This tool is super useful and helps you to hide anything from header, title, description, video suggestions, footer, and much other stuff. Additionally, I would also suggest clearing the cache and temporary files every once in a while.

4] Tips for clutter-free YouTube

There are many ways in which you can improve viewing experience on YouTube. You can always clear your history or watch stuff using incognito mode. As explained earlier one of the best option would be to use extensions that help you hide the stuff that you don’t want to see. The YouTube Cinema mode is yet another way of enhancing your viewing experience.

Any other ideas?

TIP: These browser extensions will help improve YouTube Streaming & Experience.

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