How to stop Windows 7 End of Support Notification

Windows 7 is indeed a great operating system. Even after Windows 10 release, it has been giving it a tough competition in terms of the market share it acquired. But everything good has an end. And with a better choice of Windows 10 available from the same company, Windows 7 is definitely supposed to go.

Windows 7 End of Support Notifications

The life cycle of the Windows 7 operating system is ending in January of 2020. After that, enterprises need to buy the support for security updates from Microsoft. The best solution here is for them to update to Windows 10. But to do this, Microsoft is actively promoting users about Windows 7 End of Support just like the Get Windows 10 pop up.

Stop Windows 7 End of Support Notification

While a checkbox saying Do not remind me again is offered, there are workarounds that will make Windows 7 completely stop notifying you about the End of Support:

  1. Select the Do not remind me again option
  2. Uninstall the KB4493132 Windows Update
  3. Exclude an update from the list of WSUS Offline Update list
  4. Edit the Registry.

1] Select the Do not remind me checkbox

In the bottom left corner of thrprompt, you will see a checkbox – Do not remind me again. Select it and you will not be reminded again.

2] Uninstall Windows Update KB4493132

Windows Update KB4493132 is rolling out for the devices running Windows 7. This update enables reminders about Windows 7 end of support. You need to either avoid downloading and installing this update or if by any chances, it has already been installed, uninstall it.

3] Exclude an update from the list of WSUS Offline Update list

In case, you use WSUS Offline Update to update your Windows 7 computer; you need to blacklist the KB4493132 Update.

For that, navigate to the following location under WSUS: exclude\custom and open the following files-

  1. ExcludeList.txt
  2. ExcludeListForce-all.txt

Now, enter the following two lines in both of those files-

<A blank line>

Save those files and close them.

Now you should not be worrying about this notification now and then.

4] Edit the Registry

Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Here, in the righ side, change the value of DontRemindMe DWORD to 1.

You will not be reminded again.

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